Mirova's long-term management rewarded again at the 2021 “Corbeilles Mieux Vivre votre Argent”

Published on 09/24/2021 Awards

At the 36th edition of the “Corbeilles Mieux Vivre votre Argent” awards, Mirova is proud to have received two awards that highlight the relevance of its long-term investment approach. This is the third year in a row that the management company has been awarded: the Corbeilles, which are highly recognised in the market, honour the companies whose funds achieve the best financial performance over time.


On the occasion of the 2021 edition of the “Corbeilles Mieux Vivre votre Argent”, Mirova was rewarded for the performance of all its strategies, over the long term: 

  • First place in the Corbeille Long Terme "Société de Gestion"1, which rewards the performance of the entire range of equity, bond and diversified funds over five years 
  • The Certificate of the Best Equity Management over 5 years. 

This ceremony rewarded the performances obtained until the end of 2020.

We are very attached to the Corbeilles because they were among the first awards we received for our financial performance. Also, being among the winners for the third consecutive year underlines, in the long term, relevance of our investment model and the ability of mission-led companies2 to carry out both their economic and societal roles.

Philippe Zaouati
Chief Executive Officer

Mirova had already been rewarded with the Corbeilles in 2019 and 2020 :

  • Third place in the category "Corbeille d’or 2020 des Sociétés de Gestion 20203"
  • Third place in the category "Corbeille Long Terme des Sociétés de Gestion 20204"
  • First place in the category "Corbeille d’Or Sociétés de Gestion en 20195"

These distinctions demonstrate once again that financial performance and a demanding ESG approach can be reconciled over the long term. They are the result of a conviction-based management approach supported by expert, committed and complementary teams. Since its creation in 2014, Mirova has placed at the heart of its strategy the consideration of the challenges of a sustainable economy to offer solutions that benefit not only investors, but also all stakeholders in society, through a long-term investment approach. These awards, obtained thanks to the teamwork of management, analysts and responsible investment research, demonstrate the relevance of Mirova's model over the long-term and prove that it is possible to combine the search for financial performance with a positive environmental and social impact. 

We are very pleased to be recognized for the performance of our entire listed range over five years. This proves that the debate between profitability and responsibility is well and truly outdated! We are very proud to see the work of Mirova's teams recognised and thank them for their unwavering commitment, as well as all the teams that support us on a daily basis within Natixis Investment Managers and the BPCE Group. We would also like to thank our clients, distributors and investors for their confidence in our approach and expertise. 

Hervé Guez & Jens Peers
CIO of equities & fixed income ; Global CIO of equities & fixed income, Mirova US

We are also very proud to contribute to the awards received by several entities of Groupe BPCE and Natixis Investment Managers

Natixis Interépargne:

  • 2nd place in the category "Corbeille Long Terme - Épargne Salariale6"
  • Certificate of the best management of diversified funds – Employee Savings 

Caisses d’Épargnes:

  • Corbeille d’Or over one year in the Banking Networks category 
  • Certificate of the best management of equity funds over one year and Certificate of the best management of diversified funds over one year in the Banking Networks category

Banques Populaires:

  • 3rd place in the category "Corbeille d’Or dans la catégorie Réseaux Bancaires"7

A great recognition of the quality of the funds designed, managed and distributed by Groupe BPCE as a whole.  

[1] Long-Term Corbeille "Asset Management Company"
[2] Introduced in France in 2018 under the Pacte Law, a ‘société à mission’ company must define its "raison d'être" and one or more social, societal or environmental objectives beyond profit. The purpose, and objectives aligned with this purpose, must be set out in its Articles of Association. The Articles specify the means by which the execution of the Mission will be monitored by a Mission Committee (a corporate body distinct from the board of directors which is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the mission with at least one employee.) An independent third party then verifies the execution of the Mission, via a written opinion which is annexed to the report of the Mission Committee to shareholders and made available on the website of the company for a period of five years.
[3] 2020 Corbeille of Asset Management Companies 2020
[4] Long-Term Corbeille of Asset Management Companies 2020 
[5] Corbeille d'Or Asset Management Companies in 2019
[6] Long Term Corbeille - Employee Savings
[7] Corbeille d'Or in the Banking Networks category  
The Corbeille d'Or of Asset Management Company and the Long Term Corbeille d'Or of Asset Management Company respectively reward a management company based on the performance of its range of funds over one and five years. Its methodology is based on an evaluation of the range of more than 200 management companies whose funds (equity, bond and diversified) are actually offered to individual investors. This method makes it possible to keep only easily accessible funds and thus to reduce the eligible universe to nearly 2,500 funds. Funds are classified in categories according to their benchmark for pure products, while diversified funds are studied separately and placed in categories profiled according to their risk level. Each fund is then rated over one and five years based on its performance, as well as the average and standard deviation of its category. 
References to a prize do not anticipate the future results of the fund or of the manager. For more information on the award methodology, please refer to the website https://www.mieuxvivre-votreargent.fr  
Past performances do not anticipate the future performances. Investments in the funds are mainly subject to risk of capital loss. 
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