Our mission

Our societies are facing huge challenges and the economy, in response, is undergoing profound changes. We are convinced that finance cannot remain isolated from these movements and is a powerful lever for accelerating towards a sustainable economic model.

Mirova is a conviction-based management company entirely dedicated to sustainable investment. We develop innovative investment solutions for our clients, individual and institutional investors, aimed at accelerating the transformation of the economy towards a sustainable model.


B corp certification: a mark of international credibility

Receiving the B CorpTM1 certification label, after an evaluation process which awarded Mirova a score of 113.4 out of 200, is an assurance of the credibility of the company's entire corporate responsibility approach. The label is recognised internationally and is testament to Mirova’s environmental and social commitment.

With more than 3,400 companies, the B Corp community constitutes a real ecosystem thanks to which Mirova will be able to evolve and progress in its approach, while bringing new ideas and know-how of its own.

Our report is available at https://bcorporation.net/directory/mirova-sa

b corp score mirova
Source: Mirova, Acting as a Responsible Company, November 2021

“Mission-driven company”: committed to actively contribute to the common good

Our mission: contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive economy

Our role in society as an asset management company goes far beyond fiduciary responsibility: it is part of a determination to profoundly transform the economy towards a fairer and more sustainable model.

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By becoming a 'Mission-driven company'2, we have chosen to formalise the raison d'être that has guided our actions since our creation and to structure our approach through five objectives.

mission mirova pillars

By setting out its raison d’être and social and environmental objectives in its articles of association today, Mirova is formalising its mission to increase its positive impact on both environmental issues and inequality.

Finance should be a tool for steering the economy towards models which, on the one hand, preserve and restore ecosystems and the climate, and on the other hand, support social inclusion, health and well-being. “As pioneers of this movement, we take an innovative approach to all our means of action: investment, research, shareholder engagement and influencing the financial community. We always seek to reconcile societal and financial performance by placing our expertise in sustainable development at the heart of our investment strategies. In this way, the solutions which we offer to our clients aim to develop a new way of saving to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

Our Mission Committee

Mirova has created a Mission Committee made up of leading experts, who will monitor the implementation. The committee will also guide the company towards areas of improvement which will help us meet our objectives and will be responsible for publishing an annual mission report.

mission committee mirova
Alexis Masse, President of FIR (Responsible Investment Forum) and Chair of Mirova’s Mission Committee; Monique Barbut, former Secretary general of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and President of WWF France; Cary Krosinsky, Professor at Yale University; Pierre-René Lemas, President of​​​ ​France Active; Arnaud Leroy, President of the French Agency for environmental transition (ADEME); Stéphanie Pfeifer, Executive Director of Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change; Constance de Poncins, Former Executive Officer of AGIPI; Christophe Lanne, Chief Administration Officer, Asset and Wealth Management of Natixis Investment Managers International; Blanche Ségrestin, Co-coordinator of the Chair “Business theory, models of governance and collective creation” at Mines Paris Tech; Hua Cheng, Portfolio manager at Mirova US; Sarah Maillard, Head of Sustainability Research, unlisted instruments at Mirova.


Our CSR approach: acting as a responsible company

In addition to our responsible investment activities, which motivate us on a daily basis, we are convinced that the evolution towards a fairer and more sustainable world must first and foremost take place voluntarily at the level of each organisation. We are therefore committed to being exemplary and consistent with the standards we defend.

Our ambition is to be a role model in our sector and to promote best practices, in line with our pioneering position, on the theme of responsibility.

mirova acting as a responsible company infographics


Our approach to responsibility in our internal practices is based on 4 strategic axes.

Building ethical and open governance

Mirova, like all companies, must be a place of collective creation, allowing space for shared progress in the service of the general interest. This is what we have formalised in our mission. To be anchored in reality, this mission must be embodied in our operating methods and safeguard the values associated with it: professionalism, authenticity, ethics, sharing and innovation.

3 priorities:

  • Open and inclusive governance
  • Value sharing
  • Business ethics
Building ethical and open governance


People are at the heart of Mirova’s expertise. To support our growth, we have significantly increased our workforce across our business lines, which have themselves almost doubled in the last three years3.

We have enhanced our business to support the development of our foundational expertise in managing listed assets such as equities and fixed income, financing infrastructure projects to bring about energy transition, as well as to support the development of new areas of expertise, such as Natural Capital and Private Equity.



Committed as we are to the issues of energy transition, biodiversity protection and the reduction of social inequalities in our business as responsible investors, it behoves us to also do what we can to reduce our own direct impact.

2 priorities:

  • Responsible procurement and supplier relations
  • Reducing our environmental footprint


As an investor, we engage with the financial community and companies to advance responsible and sustainable practices. These initiatives are detailed in our Engagement Report and Voting Report.

In addition to our role as an investor, we have been involved since our creation in supporting initiatives that help convey the message of sustainable development, by sponsoring academic research and through patronage.


In 2020, we decided to take this approach a step further with the creation of our endowment fund: Mirova Forward.

4 priorities:

  • Sustainable development in the business world and beyond
  • Support for academic research
  • Supporting communities
  • Mirova Forward
1 - B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. Certified since 2020, Mirova reapplies for the B Corp Certification every three years. The annual fee for maintaining the certification is €30,000 as well as a €250 for a submission fee. Support from Nuova Vista is €15,450. To find the complete B Corp certification methodology, please visit the B Corp website here: https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/certification
References to a ranking, prize or label do not anticipate the future results of the latter, or of the fund, or of the manager.

2 - Introduced in France in 2018 under the Pacte Law, a ‘société à mission’ company must define its "raison d'être" and one or more social, societal or environmental objectives beyond profit. The purpose, and objectives aligned with this purpose, must be set out in its Articles of Association. The Articles specify the means by which the execution of the Mission will be monitored by a Mission Committee (a corporate body distinct from the board of directors which is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the mission with at least one employee.) An independent third party then verifies the execution of the Mission, via a written opinion which is annexed to the report of the Mission Committee to shareholders and made available on the website of the company for a period of five years.
3 -  Source: Mirova and affiliates, headcount between 31/12/2017 and 31/12/2020 - excluding Vauban Infrastructure Partners, asset management company approved by the AMF – French financial markets regulator - in 2019 (former department of Mirova dedicated to equity investments in generalist infrastructure)
News and publications
Mirova recognised as a ‘Best For The World™ 2021 B Corp’ in ‘customers area’
Mirova recognised as a ‘Best For The World™ 2021 B Corp in ‘customers area’
Published on 07/15/2021

Mirova, the affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers dedicated to sustainable investing and a Certified B Corp1, is proud to announce it has been named amongst the ‘Best for the World™ B Corps of 20212’. The Best for the World are B Corps whose scores in one or more of the five impact areas assessed towards the certification reach the top 5% of all B Corps worldwide. Mirova has been recognised in the ‘customers area’, for the development of high impact investment solutions for investors. 

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