Voting and Engagement

As investors, our role is not limited merely to that of the informed observer, interested in the transitions underway. We must play our part fully: through our decisions on capital allocation, as well as through our policy of voting and engagement with companies or, more generally, through our positions on the economic and financial sphere.



In its voting policy, Mirova encourages the emergence of a corporate vision focused on the creation of collective value over the long term. This vision differs from the traditional view of what a corporation is, as solidified in recent decades. Two concepts structure our approach.

  • Taking into account the different stakeholders. Corporate governance must be designed to integrate the interests of all stakeholders.
  • A long-term approach. The wealth created by the company must be defined over a long period of time, taking into account, among other things, environmental and societal issues.


Through our holdings in companies’ capital and our position as a financing institution, we possess an ability to engage in dialogue and wield influence among economic players.

This ‘engagement’ with companies is part of our responsible investment approach aimed at improving corporate practices. Our engagement approach also includes advocacy actions to structure and develop sustainable finance.

We engage in dialogue with national and international regulators, as well as with various professional organizations, to promote the emergence of specific regulations and standards that promote sustainable finance. Our objectives:

  • Empower investors to identify sustainable investment needs
  • Remove barriers and structure tools for developing long-term investment practices that promote financing for sustainable development
  • Strengthening the role of sustainable investment within the financial sector