Mirova contributes to the Little Book of Investment for Nature

Published on 01/14/2021 News

We are proud to have contributed, together with our partner IDH - Sustainable Trade, to the publication of the "Little Investment Book for Nature", which aims to boost the financing of biodiversity protection by presenting a global framework that organises the mechanisms. While some biodiversity protection measures have an economic cost, others are likely to create environmental or social economic value.


The Little Investment Book for Nature" was coordinated by Global Canopy and funded by the French Development Agency alongside Mirova, Biofin, Crédit Suisse, WWF and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Discover below the editorial of our CEO Philippe Zaouati, written for the occasion:

Nature has become a hot topic for the sustainable finance sector in recent years, and now it is moving to the top of the mainstream finance agenda, attracting the interest of pension funds, insurance companies, and banks. As for climate, we are witnessing successive steps: from awareness to commitments, and from commitments to concrete actions. But unlike climate action, which took many years to develop this momentum, there is a clear urgency now and we need to act fast; much faster than before.

The COVID-19 crisis is a resounding wake-up call which combines environmental, social, health, and economic issues in one major challenge. Responding to this challenge will require the building of more resilient, equal societies, which can live in harmony with nature. Transforming institutions, companies, and even individual behaviour requires real efforts. Let us be clear: we will not be able to meet the Sustainable Development Goals and biodiversity objectives by making marginal adjustments. A systemic change is required.

So where do we start; how can we move quickly to concrete, transformative actions? Unlocking the power and agility of the finance sector can play a catalytic role. To do this we need to address two major bottlenecks in financial activities: (i) accurately assessing and managing risks, and (ii) identifying new opportunities. All financial professionals, from commercial teams to risk management and even accounting departments, need to integrate the nature lens in their analyses, together with the climate lens. The impact of financial activities on nature, positive and negative, needs to be integrated in all decisions made, and then monitored and reported on.

Financial institutions can play a key role in bringing funding, innovation, and accountability, but they can’t do it alone; transformative change will require collaboration between public and private entities and civil society. This Little Book is a great example of such collaboration, aimed at raising awareness to support concrete actions within a larger systemic change. We need to re-invent the relationship between society and nature, and the stakes are too high for us to fail.

Read The Little Book of Investing in Nature

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