Holding our positions

Published on 03/17/2020

We are facing the most serious health crisis in over a century. A crisis of such magnitude that it puts the models we have developed since the beginning of the 20th century to the test - our business model, and our model of society.

The magnitude of this crisis has taken us all by surprise. The government's recent announcements, which have led to the situation of total containment that we are now experiencing in most European countries and far beyond, have come as a terrible shock. It is still difficult for us to adjust to this new context, which is nothing else but an environment of war.

I am convinced that it is the responsibility of all of us, within our means, to hold our position. As a company, Mirova will protect its teams and its partners (suppliers in particular), so as not to add financial fear to an already uncertain situation. As a financial player, our role is to act and communicate thoughtfully and only when necessary, so as not to add to the panic. Finally, as an asset management company which holds savings, pensions and assets in its hands, we will be at the helm, always. We are organizing ourselves to continue managing in the way we think is best: with conviction, for the long term, with the goal of a sustainable and resilient economy.

Mirova has implemented the necessary measures to ensure continuity of operations in the interest of the holders of the funds it manages and the safety of its employees (home office for 100% of the teams, activation of the Business Continuity Plan in permanent liaison with Natixis and the BPCE group). To date, all of our systems and tools are operational.

We have the means to get through this crisis. If we allocate resources and efforts effectively, if we agree to temporarily limit our freedoms, if we each hold our own position to ensure that the common edifice resists, we will overcome this crisis.

Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova