Information on fraud attempts

We draw your attention on the fact that Mirova, like all companies, is regularly the target of malicious individuals through attempts at fraud, scams, extortion of funds, in particular via identity theft, creation of false email addresses, proposals of false financial products, etc. 

General context

Fraud is defined as a dishonest act committed with the intention of deceiving by contravening the law or regulations. Currently, cyber attacks and fraud attempts are becoming more frequent. Your personal data is the target of malicious people trying to extract money from you. The methods used to obtain them are diverse: by telephone, email or mail.

Mirova’s need to fight fraud is part of this new context of increasing proven cases of fraud and increasing cyber attacks on companies. Thus, we want to educate our customers about the many types of fraud that exist and the methods that are available to help you recognize fraud attempts and thus protect you.

Thus, we draw your attention to the fact that some poorly caring individuals pose as advisors and/or employees working at Mirova or for Mirova. They often use false telephone and email contact information, in particular by creating false domain names, approaching the Mirova domain name to deceive the vigilance of the interlocutor (see indicative and non-exhaustive list below). They also usurp the identity of Mirova’s real employees (in the contracts transmitted, false signatures, false company stamps, etc.) with the aim of extorting funds and selling financial and/or real estate products that have no connection with Mirova’s activities.

Examples of fraudulent domain names

Mirova does not contact prospect or carrier customers directly, by any means whatsoever, without it having been requested before.

Here is a list of known fraudulent domain names, not related to Mirova or its subsidiaries (this list may not be exhaustive):

  • Mirova.IO 

AMF Recommendations on Combating Fraud

An independent public authority, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers is responsible for ensuring the protection of savings invested in financial products, informing investors and the proper functioning of markets. Mirova is a portfolio management company regulated by the AMF under number GP-02014. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Do not follow up on unsolicited phone calls;
  • Do not communicate your personal details (telephone, email, ID, RIB, IBAN, proof of domicile, etc.) directly by email or to sites whose reliability you cannot attest to;
  • Beware of promises of quick wins without counterparties; there is no high return without high risk;
  • Do not take for granted the information given by an interlocutor on the phone, by mail or by email. Thefts are frequent, numerous and easy to carry out;
  • If the company contacting you has not been warned by the AMF, this does not mean that it is authorized to provide you with financial services;
  • Do not give in to the urgency or pressure of your interlocutor, take the time to think;
  • Find out about the company that your contact person claims to be by searching for their contact details (telephone, email address and postal address) via other information vectors in order to verify the veracity of the information provided by them and do not hesitate to check the identity of your contact persons via calls to telephone numbers indicated on official websites.

For more recommendations, we invite you to also consult the educational information of the AMF accessible at the following addresses:

In addition, the AMF has published on its website:

Report fraud or attempted fraud to Mirova

If you are or think you have been the victim of fraud or attempted fraud in connection with Mirova, please contact us directly using the following contact details: [email protected]