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Empowering Women through listed equities
Published on 04/30/2019

The past 20 years have seen significant progress towards gender equality, together with an increasing awareness that the achievement of gender equality is a prerequisite for sustainable development. There is a growing consensus that educating and employing larger numbers of women can lead to economic growth. Yet despite this progress, women’s professional prospects are still far from equal to those of their male counterparts.

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climate risk
Risking It All: An Introduction to Climate Risk and Energy Scenarios
Published on 04/10/2019

No matter the final objective - risk mitigation, identifying opportunities, creating impact, or all three – considering environmental and social factors alongside financial information leads to an information advantage for investors.

Should we fail to limit temperature rise to 2°C or less, climate change will almost certainly wreak global havoc and lead to vast costs (IPCC, 2014). To mitigate the costs and impacts of climate change, we have no choice but to reduce emissions as quickly as possible while building resilience in the areas that will be affected. 


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Climate as a Performance Indicator
Published on 02/28/2019

Ten investment funds awarded for their outstanding climate performance: a new vision of performance?

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Sustainable Energy - A focus on Utilities
Published on 09/03/2018

This document is part of a series published by Mirova to illustrate our approach to sustainability sector-by-sector. We aim to address solutions, risks, and how we optimize impact through investment. This eighth paper focuses on environmental, social and governance issues in the Utilities sector.

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Acting as a Responsible Investor 2017
Published on 06/20/2018

In fulfillment of Article 173 of the French Energy Transition Law

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Green goes the growth
Published on 05/31/2018

The transition from a carbon-intensive and ecosystem-destroying extractive economy to a green economy has begun. Green growth, which creates environmental value first, will also contribute to the creation of economic and shareholder value.

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Controversial Activities
Published on 03/30/2018

Mirova's views

Mirova does not exclude any industry on principle. Within certain industries, however, case-by-case analysis may result in a “Risk” or “Negative” rating for all of the companies of that sector when practices do not provide an adequate level of assurance that the risks associated with the product are properly managed. “Risk” and “Negative” ratings mean that the issuer cannot be included in Mirova’s portfolios. The rating can nevertheless evolve following the evolution of the company

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