Acting as a Responsible Company: our approach to responsibility in our internal practices and direct impacts

Published on 11/24/2021

In addition to our responsible investment activities, which motivate us on a daily basis, we are convinced that the evolution towards a fairer and more sustainable world must first and foremost take place voluntarily at the level of each organisation. We are therefore committed to being exemplary and consistent with the standards we defend. Our ambition is to be a role model in our sector and to promote best practices, in line with our pioneering position, on the theme of responsibility.

Mirova is pleased to publish the first edition of "Acting as a Responsible Company".


Mirova, an asset management company committed to financing the environmental and social transition, was created in 2014 with an ambitious project in mind: to develop investment solutions for its institutional and individual clients aimed at accelerating the transformation of the economy towards a sustainable model.

In 2020, we decided to embark on a new stage in this collective project, and adopting a two-pronged approach: becoming a Société à Mission (‘mission- led company’) and obtaining the B Corp certification.

Becoming a mission-led company has meant formalising, in our articles of association, our commitments regarding the purpose of our profession as asset managers: to play a role that goes beyond mere economic and financial responsibility. We are committed to a profound transformation of the economy towards a fairer and more sustainable model, both in our business and in our internal practices. In short, our mission is to invest for a sustainable world.

The B Corp certification, which complements our status as a mission-led company, provides us with benchmarks relating to our strengths and areas for progress, as part of a continuous improvement process.

This dual approach of introspection and reflection on our positioning and uniqueness was the opportunity to mobilise our teams in a collaborative process lasting several months. Our B Corp certification became official in September 2020, and Société à Mission status in November of the same year.

These changes come with a dual obligation: to be demanding of ourselves and to set an example for all our stakeholders, whether they be our customers, suppliers and partners, the companies and projects we finance, our ecosystem, our employees or our shareholders.

We are more determined than ever to be a key player in shifting our environment towards greater sustainability.

In order to further anchor this dynamic in our operating methods and to support our strong growth, we have decided to create, in 2021, a department dedicated to Human Resources, CSR1 and Culture.

We will devote the next few months to deploying various projects related to the implementation of our mission with our teams, our clients and all our stakeholders.

We are pleased to present this first edition of ‘Acting as a Responsible Company’, which provides a review of our internal practices and thus responds to the fifth pillar of our mission: ‘We apply the environmental and social standards we defend’.

This document is a complement to our ‘Acting as a Responsible Investor’, report, which presents our actions and impacts in terms of investment strategies.

Happy reading!

[1] Corporate Social Responsibility