Anti-corruption Policy

Corruption is fraudulent, unethical behavior and is subject to heavy criminal and administrative sanctions. Violations of anti-corruption regulations are serious and can damage Mirova’s reputation.

Μirova does business with integrity in order to protect itself from all forms of influence and corruption, including the use of and acceptance of “bribes” and the corruption of public officials. For the purposes of this policy, the term “corruption” includes the giving of “bribes” and the payment of kickbacks to public officials or any other party. A “bribe” refers to the practice of offering items of value, cash payments, charitable contributions, travel expenses, expensive gifts, invitations to costly events, or promises of employment to either a corrupt individual or one of their immediate family members in order to influence a business or policy decision.

In order to ensure that the anti-corruption policy is respected, Mirova has put an anticorruption framework in place to raise awareness and to promote best practices for preventing corruption. Each of Mirova’s associates should understand the importance of this framework, which Mirova’s Internal Regulations and Code of Ethics oblige them to comply with, and to adhere to its principles while fulfilling the responsibilities of their position.

Mirova’s executive management team is responsible for preventing corruption from occurring within Mirova. The Head of Compliance and Internal Control is the designated reference person for information regarding the measures in place for preventing corruption.