Mirova’s natural capital platform selected again for the ImpactAssets 50 list

Published on 02/23/2021 Awards

For the fifth consecutive year, Mirova and its 100% owned subsidiary Mirova Natural Capital have been recognized for their approach to impact in natural capital investing and made the ImpactAssets 50’s list.


Now in its tenth year, Impact Assets has become one of the most recognized free databases of impact investment fund managers. Their annually updated list ImpactAssets 50 (‘IA 50’) aims to illustrate the breadth of impact fund managers which demonstrate a wide range of impact investing activities across geographies, sectors and asset classes.

With 506 million dollars of assets under management1 dedicated to investing directly in natural capital and nature-based solutions, Mirova has been designing investment strategies in the realm of natural capital investing for over seven years, specifically targeting investments at the nexus between sustainable production and biodiversity conservation, across terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Our team has been building partnerships with forward-thinking investors and innovative, sustainable businesses to address major global environmental challenges such as climate change, protection of landscapes, biodiversity, soil and marine resources. The team shows decades of experience in assessing sustainable land use projects on the ground and the platform systematically aims to partner with its investments to provide them with support, guidance and strong ESG2 and impact delivery, measurement and reporting.

Impact Assets underlines the following:

Primary Impact Outcomes:

  • Addressing climate change and environmental issues
  • Conserving land, ecosystems and natural resources

Secondary Impact Outcomes:

  • Increasing access to education and improving educational outcomes
  • Increasing access to healthcare services and improving health
  • Increasing access to water and sanitation

Value-added Services Offered:

  • Access to markets
  • Business and legal training
  • Health services
  • Other: Technical assistance; Impact measurement

Third Party Validations:

[1] Source: Mirova as of December 31, 2020
[2] Environmental, Social and Governance
Any reference to a ranking and/or an award does not indicate the future performance of the UCITS/AIF or the fund manager. Methodology available at https://www.impactassets.org/publications_insights/impact50
Any investment has risks, including the risk of capital loss.
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