Minimum standards

Mirova was created to finance economic models that aim to positively contribute to sustainable development. Much of our work is focused on the identification of a positive contribution to sustainable development themes, through companies’ products, services and/or practices. This does not absolve us of our responsibility to ensure that our investments always meet or exceed minimum standards, including with regard to controversial activities.

Minimum standards are defined for each sector based on their key environmental and social issues and are detailed in our sector research papers.

Our Minimum Standards document summarizes our positions on major issues deemed controversial or to have a negative impact on the achievement of sustainable development goals. Mirova does not exclude any industry on principle. All our positions are the result of an extensive analysis of environmental and social impacts. For certain industries, this analysis may lead to the exclusion of all players in the sector.

This document applies across all portfolios, all investments in listed and non-listed companies and projects. It is to be noted that some strategies/portfolios managed by Mirova may have additional exclusions.

The term “companies” shall be used for any corporate entity or project considered for investment unless specified otherwise.