Multi-asset management

To access the growth potential of innovative companies that address the sustainable development challenges identified by our equity and credit strategy, while adapting to the different market configurations, Mirova offers its clients multi-asset management


Multi asset management for financing companies

Our multi-asset strategy targets mainly European companies that contribute to the development of a sustainable economy through their products, services and practices. We invest in these companies in equities and bonds, varying the allocation but ensuring that they maintain a stable capital allocation in a long-term investor approach.

Flexible allocation

Our multi-asset management adjusts the allocation over time according to expectations of changes in the macroeconomic and financial environment. Through our "quantamental" approach, which combines quantitative models and a fundamental approach, this flexibility aims to capture part of the valuation potential of equity markets during upside periods, and to adjust downward in the event of less favourable equity markets, to try and reduce the risk of capital loss.

Our diversified strategy complements and enhances our range of equity and fixed income solutions.


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Mirova can count on the skills of experienced managers, experts in their asset classes and pioneers in sustainable investment.


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Our latest ideas
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Climate as a Performance Indicator
Published on 02/28/2019

Ten investment funds awarded for their outstanding climate performance: a new vision of performance?

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2019 Outlook - A reassuring wave of pessimism
2019 Outlook - A reassuring wave of pessimism
Published on 02/01/2019

The markets closed out the year significantly down and 2018 officially became the worst year on record since the Financial Crisis. A general climate of gloom prevails, in sharp contrast with the optimistic beginning of 2018.

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Green goes the growth
Published on 05/31/2018

The transition from a carbon-intensive and ecosystem-destroying extractive economy to a green economy has begun. Green growth, which creates environmental value first, will also contribute to the creation of economic and shareholder value.

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Liquidity of the Green Bond Market
Published on 03/14/2018

The green bond market has undergone rapid expansion over the last five years. Given its still small size compared to the bond market as a whole, investors remain cautious regarding certain features of green bonds, such as the liquidity of the market.

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Our latest news
Mirova Launches Gender Equality investment fund
Mirova Launches Gender Equality investment fund
Published on 05/23/2019

A pioneer in impact investing, Mirova is pleased to announce that it will be launching a new thematic equity fund which will focus on companies that are committed to promoting gender equality and increasing women’s representation in top-level management.

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Mirova wants to double its assets under management within 5 years
Published on 11/26/2018

Mirova is targeting 20 billion assets under management over the next five years by continuing to focus on innovation, to strengthen its offer to institutional clients and the retail sector, and by exploring new areas of impact

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