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Mirova has been a pioneer of investing in green and social bonds. Our fixed income strategies, which cover the eurozone and the world, place the selection of issuers at the heart of their investment process in order to generate both financial performance and environmental and social benefits.



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Source : Mirova as of December 31, 2020

A pioneer of investing in green and social bonds

We are convinced of the value of debt instruments dedicated to projects with an impact, and which offer traceability, transparency and reporting on the projects financed. Our experts have supported the development of the green bond market by actively participating in the main market institutions, as well as by internally developing a stringent methodology for analysing these instruments and creating one of the first strategies dedicated to green and social bonds.

This focus on green bonds complements our ‘traditional’ bond selection, which aims to offer our investors financial performance combined with an environmental and social impact.

Positive selection guided by a long-term approach

We have built our fixed income investment process around our long-term convictions. Thus, the selection of issuers is based on financial characteristics as well as an ESG rating that analyses the contribution of the issuer or the projects financed to sustainable development issues.

This rigorous selection process, combined with our forecasts regarding the yield curve and the risk factors that can affect bond yields, allows us to generate value over the long term and contribute to a more sustainable economy.

Impact investing, thanks in particular to green and social bonds, is at the heart of Mirova's bond strategies.


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To put together and manage its bond strategies, Mirova relies on a team of experienced asset managers, who are pioneers in the green bond market.


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Mirovα: Creating Sustainable Value #3
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Understanding the markets, Investing, Engaging in dialogues, Measuring Impact... Read the new issue of Mirovα: Creating Sustainable Value 

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paris climate alignment
Aligning Portfolios with the Paris Agreement
Published on 12/11/2019

The way investors allocate capital can and will make a difference in meeting global sustainability challenges and succeeding in the energy transition. We encourage investors to avoid overreliance on a single scenario or emissions pathway, so our method emphasizes and supports the multitude of potential pathways to 2°C, free from pre-defined sectoral allocations. It is applicable across all asset classes, versatile, and scalable, with many potential applications within the investment process. The outcome is a simple-to-interpret indicator – climate change trajectory in °C – consistent with qualitative analysis. 

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Our latest news
measuring companies'biodiversity impact
AXA IM, BNP Paribas AM, Mirova and Sycomore AM launch joint initiative to develop pioneering tool for measuring investment impact on biodiversity
Published on 01/28/2020

AXA Investment Managers, BNP Paribas Asset Management, Mirova, and Sycomore Asset Management strongly believe that preserving the planet’s biodiversity is an urgent priority. Together, they have launched a call for expressions of interest (CEI) for a partner to develop and implement an innovative tool to measure the impact of investments on biodiversity.  The goal of the CEI is to find a player capable, on a large scale, of measuring companies’ biodiversity impact.

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Corporate Newsletter Q4 2019
Published on 01/16/2020

Investing in Sustainability? Yes but how. Learn about what happened at Mirova during Q4 2019.

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