Acting as a Responsible Investor 2016
Published on 07/10/2017

In fulfillment of Article 173 of the French Energy Transition Law

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When renewable energy met sustainable growth
Published on 07/29/2016

Regulation, cost reduction, and the rise of renewable energy in the United States.

Historically and famously fossil-fuel dependent, the U.S. energy and electricity mixes are evolving quickly as costs fall for renewables, regulations mandate their implementation, and fiscal policy incentivizes their installation. 

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long term
Mirova Insight 3
Published on 05/28/2014

For some, a responsible investment is by definition a long-term investment. And they’re right, to be sure. Problems arise, however, with any attempt to define these terms. Surprisingly, it is almost as difficult to achieve a consensus on the meaning of long-term investment as it is to arrive at a broadly acceptable definition of responsible investment.


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light fire
Mirova Insight 2
Published on 10/05/2013

We are today indisputably enmired in a crisis. So why, one might ask, are the pages of this periodical devoted to such seemingly disparate events as a fire at the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, or Europe’s horsemeat scandal. Indeed, given the current situation, these choices might appear dictated by sentimental considerations, out of place in the serious study of macroeconomic issues such as Europe’s sagging economy or budgetary and monetary policies that show every sign of being dangerously out of kilter. However, we are convinced that trusting to appearances would be tantamount to confusing a force and its expression, and that dismissing the events we describe would be a mistake. Remember that the strategies for overcoming economic crises have often arisen from ‘scandals’ that served to awaken a public conscience and provide the impetus needed by public authorities to implement reforms.


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different view
Mirova Insight 1
Published on 03/14/2013

Why we created Mirova

The current imbalance between growth and debt, the decorrelation with the real economy, the  depletion of natural resources, and climate change issues all highlight the fact that the current economic development model is no longer sustainable. Whether it is seen as one of the causes of this crisis or merely as a catalyst, the finance industry also represents a major part of the solution. This is particularly true for the investment industry.

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