PRI 2023 assessment report

Published on 02/21/2024

A signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2013, Mirova has published its 2023 PRI assessment report.


Signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) are required to submit an annual report on their responsible investment activities.

The PRI 2023 assessment report details Mirova’s practices in integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

The evaluation reports, which are produced from the information reported by the signatories, aim to push them to be transparent and to further develop their responsible investment practices, which can thus be compared every year between asset classes and with their peers at local and global levels.

Signatories may also choose to make them available to clients, beneficiaries and other stakeholders. This assessment report is an export of scores for all indicators and modules evaluated to which Mirova responded in the PRI reporting framework for 2023. The report assesses signatories in several areas: governance, organization, global strategy and investment techniques.

Mirova has achieved 5 stars1 on all modules and almost always the maximum rating, demonstrating its ability to achieve the highest market standards with a robust investment approach and to meet the best practices in responsible investing, as defined by the PRI.

Summary Scorecard_Mirova Pris Assessment Report 2023
                                                 Source: 2023 PRI Assessment report Mirova

 Below is the full assessment report, which covers:

  • Our general investment and management policy
  • Our listed share activity
  • Our fixed income activity
  • Our voting practices
  • Our unlisted energy transition infrastructure practices

The report does not cover the following activities:

  • Natural capital
  • Investment with social impact
  • Private equity
1 References to a ranking, prize or label do not anticipate the future results of the latter, or of the fund, or of the manager.

Learn more about the Principles for Responsible Investment

PRIs are the world’s leading advocate for responsible investment. An independent, UN-backed organization, it strives to understand the investment implications of ESG factors, and to help its international network of signatory investors, such as Mirova, integrate these factors into their investment and ownership decisions.

As a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment since21 October 2013, Mirova has committed to adopt and implement them, assessing their effectiveness and improving the content of the Principles over time. More info here.

In 2020, Mirova was one of two French management companies to join the PRI Leaders group, a group of 36 companies considered by the organization to be at the forefront of climate reporting.

Position paper: Environmental Market Instruments
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From carbon to biodiversity credits, it’s all about financing projects supporting a Net Zero and Nature-Positive economyThis paper outlines Mirova’s position on the potential recourse to so-called “environmental market instruments” such as voluntary carbon credits and biodiversity credits/certificates.

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