Natural Capital: our 2019 impact report

Published on 08/26/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call for many. It is at last time for everyone to consider the effects and benefits of nature-based solutions on our planet and global population. Whilst we sometimes live in a world where words speak louder than actions, it is a great privilege to present results and alternative solutions at work in our 2019 Impact Report on Natural Capital Investing.


This report demonstrates, we hope, tangible impacts, pathways to change and viability of scalable solutions. On our more mature solution, the Althelia Climate Strategy, impact indicators are on track or already exceeding initial objectives, with 44 million tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided, nearly 2 million hectares of critical and high conservation value habitat protected, and more than 2,000 livelihoods directly supported in rural economies. Beyond numbers, on-the-ground transformational impact is equally important.

Whilst other portfolios are in their ramp-up phase, future outcomes look equally promising. These first tangible results were made possible thanks to the early leadership and innovative approach of these funds. Whilst it was a bold move to venture into new territories and try solutions that hardly existed before, this initiative belongs to all.

Mirova is carrying on the tremendous contribution made by the Mirova Natural Capital Ltd team and all stakeholders involved. Since inception, Mirova has demonstrated best-in-class ability to manage ESG and impact-focused portfolios successfully. Mirova has strong ambitions in the unlisted assets space and natural capital in particular, with a clear willingness to play a leading role.

As Mirova's natural capital activity is now moving to the next chapter of its life, with the arrival of Vincent Gradt as Managing Director of Mirova Natural Capital Ltd, it is also time to commit to future directions: the quest for innovative pathways to impact will clearly remain in our DNA, and we will continue to progress outside of our comfort zone.