Mirova SunFunder - 10 years of impact

Published on 03/22/2023


SunFunder has been a pioneer in distributed clean energy for 10 years. Joining forces with Mirova means we can accelerate climate solutions in emerging markets.

When we started SunFunder a decade ago, we had a clear purpose: to solve the financing bottleneck for off-grid solar companies in Africa. All in service of a more equitable and sustainable world, addressing climate change and energy access.

We have been lucky to work with and grow alongside so many of the entrepreneurs and others who have helped drive a sector with purpose and impact.

A few things stand out for us over this decade. The first is our impact, which has always been the primary goal – and continues to be. We are proud to share this deeper look at our decade of impact.

The second is our team and the incredible people we have counted as colleagues and friends over the years. As well as building Mirova SunFunder, many have gone on to play major roles in other organizations and the sector as a whole.

Third, we feel strongly that the business we built is an exemplar of staying true to your values in order to succeed. We chose a growth path based on long-term sustainability, which is what established our business and enabled our impact. Values build value.

Beyond our company and team, it really has taken the proverbial village. We want to thank so many people who have been part of this journey, from our angel investors a decade ago through to our new colleagues at Mirova and all our partners in between. This look back is in gratitude to all of you.

We are so excited for the next 10 years – even while the effects of climate change take hold and the urgency rises. There is much work to do to significantly scale emerging market clean energy and climate solutions. We look forward to working with you all for the sustainable future we believe is possible.


Mirova & SunFunder's future together

Mirova also celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. We are very proud to build our emerging market platform with the acquisition of SunFunder, to pursue our efforts to meet the needs of the real economy and increase, together, the impact of our investments.

We share much more than an anniversary. From our first meetings with Ryan and Audrey we felt they had built something special that was fully aligned with Mirova’s own mission. We got to know a team that like Mirova has a strong culture of impact and innovation at its core.

We quickly saw how well we complemented each other. Mirova has been a pioneer in impact investing in Europe, with investment strategies across all asset classes: equities, fixed income, energy transition infrastructure, private equity, social impact investing and natural capital. SunFunder’s focus on emerging market debt adds both regional presence and new product expertise to accelerate our commitments in emerging regions.

We have the strong conviction that sustainable finance must provide capital to emerging countries where investment needs, particularly in infrastructure, will be the greatest in the coming decades. Welcoming SunFunder teams and expertise brings strength to our local investment and execution capabilities for our private assets’ strategies. Together, we are building an emerging market platform, to become a leader in financing the energy transition and to create synergies with our natural capital platform, to position Mirova as a global player in impact finance.

10 years after the launch of both Mirova and SunFunder, the opportunities for impact investment are far greater than they used to be. It is now possible to imagine being an impact investor while managing €50 billion or even €100 billion... and with the dedication of our teams, investors and partners, we will put all our energy into proving it!

Philippe Zaouati

Philippe ZAOUATI

Raphael LANCE

Raphaël LANCE

Head of Energy Transition Infrastructure Funds
The information provided reflects Mirova SunFunder’s opinion / situation as of the date of this document and is subject to change without notice.
Source: Mirova SunFunder as of December 2022.
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