Inside Mirova's mission: the committee

Published on 01/13/2022

In this video series, meet the members of Mirova's mission committee1. Composed of renowned experts on environmental, social and sustainable finance issues, the committee monitors the concrete implementation of our mission.


Alexis Masse

President of FIR (Responsible Investment Forum) and Chair of Mirova’s Mission Committee

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Our mission: contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive economy

Our role in society as an asset management company goes far beyond fiduciary responsibility: it is part of a determination to profoundly transform the economy towards a fairer and more sustainable model.

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Acting as a Responsible Company: our approach to responsibility in our internal practices and direct impacts
Published on 11/24/2021

In addition to our responsible investment activities, which motivate us on a daily basis, we are convinced that the evolution towards a fairer and more sustainable world must first and foremost take place voluntarily at the level of each organisation. We are therefore committed to being exemplary and consistent with the standards we defend. Our ambition is to be a role model in our sector and to promote best practices, in line with our pioneering position, on the theme of responsibility. Mirova is pleased to publish the first edition of "Acting as a Responsible Company".

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Mirova recognised as a ‘Best For The World™ 2021 B Corp’ in ‘customers area’
Mirova recognised as a ‘Best For The World™ 2021 B Corp in ‘customers area’
Published on 07/15/2021

Mirova, the affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers dedicated to sustainable investing and a Certified B Corp1, is proud to announce it has been named amongst the ‘Best for the World™ B Corps of 20212’. The Best for the World are B Corps whose scores in one or more of the five impact areas assessed towards the certification reach the top 5% of all B Corps worldwide. Mirova has been recognised in the ‘customers area’, for the development of high impact investment solutions for investors. 

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Acting as a Responsible Investor 2020
Acting as a Responsible Investor 2020
Published on 08/06/2021

The Article 173 of the French Law on energy and transition for Green Growth requires French investors to communicate how environmental, social, and governance issues are considered in their investment choices and processes.  Going beyond compliance, the annual publication of our impact report is an opportunity for us to demonstrate why and how we have put sustainable development at the core of our investment policies and engagements. It is an opportunity for us to emphasize the way we create environmental and social value, while simultaneously realizing financial performance. We hope that this report strengthens the understanding and confidence in the quality of our approach as a responsible investor.

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1- Introduced in France in 2018 under the Pacte Law, a ‘société à mission’ company must define its "raison d'être" and one or more social, societal or environmental objectives beyond profit. The purpose, and objectives aligned with this purpose, must be set out in its Articles of Association. The Articles specify the means by which the execution of the Mission will be monitored by a Mission Committee (a corporate body distinct from the board of directors which is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the mission with at least one employee.) An independent third party then verifies the execution of the Mission, via a written opinion which is annexed to the report of the Mission Committee to shareholders and made available on the website of the company for a period of five years.