Impact starts with people

Published on 01/04/2021

The concept of impact investing is increasingly prevalent in the financial industry. At Mirova, impact serves as a core structural feature of our corporate purpose. Every day, our teams are committed at the side of our clients to provide them with investment solutions that aim to reconcile financial performance with positive environmental and social impact.

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Mirova was created with the ambition of proving the relevance of a new investment model placing sustainable development issues at the heart of investment decisions.

Since then, many investors have, to varying degrees, taken steps to integrate social and environmental criteria. Whether this takes place at the engagement or investment level, and whether their approach involves taking ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues into account, SRI (Socially Responsible Investment), or impact investing, investors appear increasingly eager to take the issue of sustainability into account. Amidst this vast —but unfortunately hazy— movement, it seems to us important that we clearly articulate what makes our approach unique.

Our idea of impact