Acting as a Responsible Investor 2020

Published on 08/06/2021

The Article 173 of the French Law on energy and transition for Green Growth requires French investors to communicate how environmental, social, and governance issues are considered in their investment choices and processes. 

Going beyond compliance, the annual publication of our impact report is an opportunity for us to demonstrate why and how we have put sustainable development at the core of our investment policies and engagements. It is an opportunity for us to emphasize the way we create environmental and social value, while simultaneously realizing financial performance.

We hope that this report strengthens the understanding and confidence in the quality of our approach as a responsible investor.


Mirova is an asset management company created in 2014 and entirely dedicated to responsible investment. Mirova and its affiliates have offices in France, the United Kingdom, Luxemburg and the United States. 

Our Vision: Meaningful Investment Choices  

Social and environmental issues pose new societal challenges, and our economy must transform to meet them. We believe that finance must integrate environmental and social criteria into its decision-making processes and contribute to accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable development model. The challenges of a sustainable economy lie at the core of Mirova’s strategy: to offer solutions that benefit not only investors, but also all stakeholders in society, through a long-term investment approach. 

Our Mission: To contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive economy 

Since 2020, Mirova has evolved its statutes to become a mission-driven company1. We have chosen to formalize the raison d'être that has guided our actions since our creation and to structure our approach through five objectives:

  • To make positive impact a systematic objective of our investment strategies
  • Cultivate and deepen our social and environmental expertise
  • Continuously innovate our products and approaches, always in the service of impact
  • Accompany our stakeholders in their transformation towards a sustainable economy and finance
  • Apply the environmental and social standards that Mirova defends.

Our societal role as an asset management company goes beyond fiduciary responsibility: it is part of a desire to transform the economy towards a fairer and more sustainable model.

Through this approach, Mirova aims to increase its positive impact on environmental issues, but also on the reduction of inequalities. 

An Expertise Spanning Multiple Asset Classes  

To do so, Mirova relies on nearly 100 employees with expertise in different asset classes, with €19.5 billion in assets under management as at December 31, 2020. 

Equities (€13.5 billion)

Mirova offers multi-thematic sustainable equity strategies in the Eurozone, in Europe and worldwide. Mirova also offers strategies targeting specific themes such as environmental issues, job creation in France or the place of women in companies. 

Sustainable Bonds (€3.7 billion)

Mirova proposes an offer to focus mainly on environmental and social bonds. 

Diversified (€0.1 billion)

Mirova offers a diversified range of equities and bonds targeting companies that respond to sustainable development issues. The distribution of asset classes tends to change over time depending on evolution in the macroeconomic and financial environment, while maintaining a long-term approach. 

Renewable energy infrastructure (€1.5 billion)

Mirova offers investors a range of funds dedicated to financing the energy transition. These funds finance unlisted renewable energy projects and are positioned on mature technologies in Europe (wind, solar, biomass, etc.). These funds also finance projects related to energy storage and mobility. 

Solidarity (€0.2 billion)

Mirova offers a strategy that invests in unlisted projects and companies with high social and environmental impact. 

Natural Capital (€0.5 billion)

Following the 2017 acquisition of Althelia Ecosphere, Mirova offers strategies that invest in sustainable agriculture, aquaculture and agroforestry projects (e.g. cocoa from organic farming). Some of these strategies come with the emission of carbon credits mainly located in non-OECD countries mainly in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

All of the management teams are supported by Mirova's Responsible Investment Research Department, a center of expertise on integrating sustainable development issues into investment choices. 

1 - For more information: 
2 - The figures reported throughout the report concern Mirova and its affiliates.  
The data on extra-financial issues (ESG opinion, contribution to the SDGs, carbon impact) are presented in Mirova’s annual “Acting as a responsible investor” report and in the annual reports and monthly fact sheets by the UCITS (OPCVM) with an SRI label whose assets under management are above 500 million euros. These documents are also available on Mirova’s website.