Acting as a mission-driven company - 2022 Report

Published on 06/20/2023

Mission Report & CSR Report



As we open a new chapter in the history of Mirova, we are also celebrating the two-year anniversary of Mirova’s transition to a purpose-driven company1. In this context, we are pleased to reaffirm that our corporate mission is the compass orientating all our strategic decisions.

While the macroeconomic and geopolitical situation remains uncertain, our mission allows us to stay the course by systematically prioritising impact and action on behalf of the environmental and social transitions.

In line with the strategic objectives of our mission, we have decided to position all of our investment strategies as Article 92 funds under the SFDR regulation, thereby joining a global movement in favour of greater transparency and clarity vis-à-vis investors. This approach demonstrates our commitment to meeting the requirements of the most demanding frameworks in the industry, by making each our investment strategies geared towards a sustainable development objective.

More generally, and beyond regulatory aspects, our purpose provides a valuable frame within which to question the notion of ‘impact’ in service of the environment and society, and determine how we can, at our level, maximise this impact through our various investment strategies. Indeed, it has prompted us to evolve our investment philosophy and our methods of ESG3 analysis so that they take into account the full range of key themes associated with the transition: climate, biodiversity, human capital and human development.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Mission Committee for their involvement. This particularly innovative governance body knows just how to challenge and encourage us to progress so that we make our statutory objectives a concrete and tangible reality. We can now say these permeate all of our businesses and strategies, helping to define our ambitions for the future: expanding our impact in emerging countries, where investment needs will be greatest in the coming decades, and pursuing our efforts in research and innovation, which have been Mirova’s hallmarks since its creation.

We are pleased to share with you this report, aptly titled: Acting as a missiondriven company, which aims to present our organisation, review the contributions of the Mission Committee, summarise our objectives and key milestones for the coming years, and finally—to share our CSR ambitions4.

1. Article 176 of the law of 22 May 2019 on the growth and transformation of companies, known as the Pact law, introduces the status of mission-driven company. It allows a company to publicly state that it is a mission-driven company by specifying its raison d’être and one or more social and environmental objectives that the company has set itself to pursue in the course of its business.
2. Third party funds whose classification is determined by the management company, management pockets and non-European funds are excluded from this scope. The Regulations ‘Sustainable Finance Disclosure Reporting (SFDR) aims to provide more transparency in terms of environmental and social responsibility within the financial markets, including the provision of sustainability information on financial products (integration of risks and negative sustainability impacts). Article 9: The product has a sustainable investment objective. More information at:
3. Environment, Social, Governance - refers to the framework for analysing the sustainable performance of assets under management.
4. Corporate Social Responsibility.
Philippe Zaouati

Philippe ZAOUATI

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