Our identity

Mirova is a conviction-based asset management firm dedicated to sustainable investment. We provide our retail and institutional clients with innovative investment solutions to accelerate the transformation of the economy towards a sustainable model.


Our vision

Our society is facing enormous challenges, and as a result, the economy is undergoing radical transformation.

We are convinced that finance has a key role to play in such changes and is a powerful tool for leveraging accelerated growth towards a sustainable economic model.

Investing today means understanding not only what is at stake, but also the innovations, technologies and activities that can provide sustainable solutions. Investing today means being attuned to the requirements of investors in terms of profitability, risk and meaningfulness. They are increasingly seeking long-term investments in useful and resilient projects and infrastructure, or in innovation and transformation-driven companies. Investing today means developing sound and ambitious financial tools to transform our economy towards a sustainable model and to ensure its growth.

As an investor, Mirova strives to create the best solutions across all asset classes for clients with high standards in search of sustainable growth.

Mirova, a different view of investment

The world of finance must meet the challenges of today’s society and accelerate transformation towards a more sustainable model

Philippe Zaouati

Our history

Mirova was created to bring together abundant capital and savings with the investment needs of a real, sustainable and value-creation economy. Since its formation, Mirova has benefited from the sustainable asset management expertise developed by Natixis Investment Managers for over 20 years, and has seen considerable growth in its operations and its investor base.

With €10 billion in assets under management, Mirova has become a European and international leader in sustainable finance.

The challenges of the future, and as a result, the opportunities for investment, are plentiful. This is where we come in. This is our role.

Hervé Guez

12.2 billion
in assets under management

€2.5 billion of which are invested in General Infrastructure projects and are directly affected by Natixis Investment Managers’ decision to create Vauban Infrastructure Partners.

areas of expertise

To support projects and companies across all sectors and stages of maturity


Throughout Mirova and its two subsidiaries, Mirova US and Mirova Natural Capital, 26 of which work in General Infrastructure and will be affected by Natixis Investment Managers’ decision to create Vauban Infrastructure Partners.

trajectory in line with global warming

All Mirova’s portfolios have a 2°C trajectory, in line with the goals set out in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

100% SRI
The entire range of eligible funds have received the French government-backed SRI label, or are undergoing the accreditation process

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at the core of all our investment strategies.

Source : Mirova as of June 30, 2019

Geographical presence


Mirova operates in the United States through Mirova US. Mirova US is a Mirova-owned subsidiary located in the United States. Mirova US and Mirova signed an agreement whereby Mirova agrees to provide Mirova US with investment and research expertise. Mirova US draws on its own expertise and that of Mirova to provide its clients with advice.

Mirova has offices in London through Mirova Natural Capital: a limited-liability company governed by English law. Registration number: 07740692 - Head office: 12 Gough Square London EC4A 3DW.

Mirova has a representative office in Luxembourg.

Sector recognition

PFI Awards 2018
PFI Awards

2018 - “Europe Wind Deal of the Year ” award for the Goya project, owned at 51% by Mirova-Eurofideme 3

Methodology available at www.pfiawards.com


ESG Best Practices Honours 2018
ESG Best Practices Honours

2018 – Mirova Renewable Energy team winner of the «Infrastructure Greenfield » category

Methodology available at www.esgbestpracticeshonours.fr


Insurance Exchange Awards

2018 - Mirova awarded “Most innovative investment solution of the year” prize for its natural capital investment solutions

Methodology available at www.insuranceinvestmentexchange.com


2019 – Mirova Europe Sustainable Equity Fund and Mirova Europe Environmental Equity Fund awarded « Climetrics Funds »

Methodology available at www.climetrics-rating.org


Global Capital 2016-17
Global Capital SRI Awards

2016-17 - Mirova Best Asset Management Company 2016 and Christopher Wigley: “Green/SRI investments personality of the year” 2016-17

Methodology available at www.globalcapital.com


SIATI 2017
SIATI 2017

2017 - Gold Medal for Mirova-Eurofideme 3, category: best green strategy”.

Methodology available at www.siati.fr

IA 50 (Impact Assets 502 2019)
IMpact Assets 50

2019 - Mirova Natural Capital showcased as one of the 50 Impact Investment Fund Managers

Methodology available at www.impactassets.org

Classifications & ratings

Cycle d'évaluation UN-PRI 2016-2017
PRI Notation

Evaluation cycle UN-PRI 2016-2017 - Mirova given A+ rating (maximum rating) for all of its assets and modules

Methodology available at www.unpri.org


Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) Survey 2017
Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) Survey

Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) Survey 2017 - Mirova in 1st place as an asset manager for contributions to responsible finance

Methodology available at www.sri-connect.com


Les 50 sociétés de gestion qui comptent (Option Finance / Deloitte)
Option Finance Deloitte

The 50 asset managers that matter (Option Finance/ Deloitte)- Mirova among the « key players »

Methodology available at www.optionfinance.fr


Any references to a ranking, prize, award and/or rating do not guarantee the future performance of these/the fund or the asset manager.