Mirova proposes equity strategies covering the eurozone, Europe, the US and the world that aim to reconcile financial performance with a positive environmental and social impact. Thanks to a long-term vision shared by our teams, our strategies seek to support a transformation of the economy towards a sustainable model – and are therefore in a position to benefit from such a transformation.


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Investing for, and in, green growth and sustainable development

The environmental and social challenges we face have a profound transformative effect on our economy. They challenge entire sectors of activity and question the functioning of organisations. In this changing environment, the ability to innovate and provide solutions is a powerful lever for long-term value creation.


We are convinced that capital markets poorly reflect this transformation: price formation does not take long-term dynamics into account and the overly short-term – or indeed, ‘mechanised’ – view adopted by many investors tends to exacerbate volatility.


By integrating sustainable development issues into its analysis, Mirova offers its clients the opportunity to invest in solutions that create long-term value. Understanding and anticipating future transformations and needs not only makes it possible to manage risks, but also to identify investment opportunities in a changing economy.

Thematic investment strategies with an impact

Mirova offers active, fundamentals-based management focused on innovation and solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Going beyond the simple integration of ESG criteria, common to all our investment strategies, we have developed a range of high-impact equity strategies that support companies driving green growth and sustainable development.


  • The environmental transition requires a profound change in production and consumption patterns across all sectors of the economy. Our Environmental Transition strategy invests in European companies whose turnover is significantly or primarily generated by environmentally positive activities.
  • Developed for French investors, the Jobs creation strategy aims to invest in French and international companies that, according to our analysis, offer a positive dynamic for job creation in France.
  • The promotion of women in companies is both a social and a performance issue. The Gender Equality strategy selects companies supporting gender equality and the promotion of women in management.
  • For investors who are particularly concerned about climate change and convinced that low-carbon investments will be a source of outperformance in the medium term, we have created a Climate Ambition strategy. This offers very broad diversification across economic sectors, while respecting a global warming trajectory of 2°C.
  • Our Multi-thematic strategies, divided into geographical areas (eurozone, Europe, world and world ex USA), invest across the full range of sustainable development themes with a conviction-based approach.

Mirova has developed a range of innovative equity strategies for its investor clients, the aim of which is to reconcile financial performance with environmental and social impact.


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Mirova offers active, conviction-based management based on the ability of our asset managers to identify business models that provide solutions to sustainable development challenges.


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Mirovα: Creating Sustainable Value #3
Published on 01/19/2020

Understanding the markets, Investing, Engaging in dialogues, Measuring Impact... Read the new issue of Mirovα: Creating Sustainable Value 

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paris climate alignment
Aligning Portfolios with the Paris Agreement
Published on 12/11/2019

The way investors allocate capital can and will make a difference in meeting global sustainability challenges and succeeding in the energy transition. We encourage investors to avoid overreliance on a single scenario or emissions pathway, so our method emphasizes and supports the multitude of potential pathways to 2°C, free from pre-defined sectoral allocations. It is applicable across all asset classes, versatile, and scalable, with many potential applications within the investment process. The outcome is a simple-to-interpret indicator – climate change trajectory in °C – consistent with qualitative analysis. 

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Our latest news
measuring companies'biodiversity impact
AXA IM, BNP Paribas AM, Mirova and Sycomore AM launch joint initiative to develop pioneering tool for measuring investment impact on biodiversity
Published on 01/28/2020

AXA Investment Managers, BNP Paribas Asset Management, Mirova, and Sycomore Asset Management strongly believe that preserving the planet’s biodiversity is an urgent priority. Together, they have launched a call for expressions of interest (CEI) for a partner to develop and implement an innovative tool to measure the impact of investments on biodiversity.  The goal of the CEI is to find a player capable, on a large scale, of measuring companies’ biodiversity impact.

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Corporate Newsletter Q4 2019
Published on 01/16/2020

Investing in Sustainability? Yes but how. Learn about what happened at Mirova during Q4 2019.

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Mirova Launches Gender Equality investment fund
Mirova Launches Gender Equality investment fund
Published on 05/23/2019

A pioneer in impact investing, Mirova is pleased to announce that it will be launching a new thematic equity fund which will focus on companies that are committed to promoting gender equality and increasing women’s representation in top-level management.

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