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Published on 02/03/2020

This is a methodological document aimed at clarifying how Mirova takes into account sustainable development issues in the framework of the environmental, social and governance analysis of each sub-sector of activity.   


The chemical sector is characterized by its variety of products and applications. Players dedicated to one business (industrial gases, for example) rub shoulders with conglomerates integrating a broad spectrum of basic and specialty chemical products dedicated to various customer industries. Additionally, in a complex market environment, some players choose to change their positioning. 

By developing innovative applications, or by changing their production processes (development of catalytic processes, implementation of green chemistry principles, etc.), chemical manufacturers have the opportunity to play a significant role in the fight against environmental degradation. However, the sector remains highly exposed to the risks of product toxicity, both for humans and ecosystems.

Companies must therefore integrate these risks into their practices and assess their importance in order to reduce them adequately. 

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