Our originality

We strive for excellence and performance. To attain our goals, we rely on the assets that constitute our strength and set us apart: our ability to innovate, our cross-asset model and our support from Natixis Investment Managers and the BPCE Group.


Innovating across all asset classes

We foster innovation. Mirova has reinforced and provided support for highly positive environmental and social impact strategies in each of its asset classes.

As part of our open and collaborative approach, we have brought together key experts and highly knowledgeable players to offer our clients tailored, highly efficient and positive-impact solutions.

Our open approach and the diversity of our asset classes enable us to support major listed companies as well as smaller projects across different investment geographies.

Launch of a gender diversity equity strategy
Launch of carbon neutral equity strategies
Creation of an investment platform for natural capital: the Althelia funds range. Our experts develop investment solutions that ensure the sustainable management of land and marine resources.
Innovative methodology to measure carbon footprints, and which applies to all Mirova investments.
Launch of one of the first global strategies for green bonds

Our strength as a group

Mirova has two subsidiaries: Mirova US and Mirova Natural Capital. Mirova ensures that its common investment mindset and vision permeates the firm’s different entities.

Mirova is a Natixis Investment Managers affiliate, which provides investor support in building portfolios by offering a wide range of suitable solutions. Natixis Investment Managers relies on the expertise of 26 asset management companies throughout the world and implements Active Thinking™, an insight-driven approach to help its clients reach their targets regardless of market conditions.

Mirova benefits from the strength and robustness of Natixis and the BPCE Group.