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General Infrastructure Expertise



Since 2005, Mirova has made it possible for institutional investors to take part in the financing of a wide range of infrastructure projects in France and Europe, with a potential for attractive returns.


  • Active management of more than 25 participations in portfolio project companies, representing more than 6 billion euros in  investment*
  • Over 200 projects analysed since the creation of the 1st Fund
  • Over 20 calls for tender and negotiations ongoing



  • A local investor’s experience in capital investment

  • A wide experience in all the infrastructure sectors where the Governments are active

  • An advantageous position with public operators

  • A dedicated team made up of infrastructure specialists

  • A solid track record based on more than ten years of infrastructure fund management

  • A pioneering methodology for analysing the environmental and social aspects of projects


Source: Mirova 31/12/2016