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>>>Heading towards a positive economy

Heading towards a positive economy


Mirova's contribution to the report submitted to the President of the Republic last Saturday - A quick overview with Philippe Zaouati, head of Mirova

"The report on the positive economy", born of the reflections of a group of around fifty people including notably Philippe Zaouati, Natixis AM’s Deputy CEO and head of Mirova, was submitted to the President of the Republic last Saturday.

With the concept of positive economy, we are looking for a new path founded on cooperation and altruism, without rejecting on principle the economic and financial tools of capitalism. On the contrary, in all areas, ranging from education to security, health and energy, we have looked for ways of enhancing altruistic and positive practices, of changing our relations with others pragmatically.
In this positive economy, there is indeed a place for financiers, but responsible financiers…