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Impact Investing

    >Impact Investing

    Reconciling the social and/or environmental impact with a financial return



    Investing a portion of the assets in unlisted companies and structures with a strong social and/or environmental impact.

    • Seeking to achieve a social and/or environmental return by funding needs that are inadequately met by traditional financial channels in France.

    • Supporting, via targeted investments:
    - Investors in significant social impact projects
    - Projects in collaboration with renowned partners to assess and monitor funded projects (France Active…).



    • Over 30 years of experience
    More than 30% market share in France(1)  for
    Impact Investing in 2017
    N°1 in France(2) in SRI employee saving schemes in 2017


    Supporting job creation

    Financing companies and solidarity structures that actively contribute to the creation or consolidation of jobs for people who are experiencing difficulties.

    Green Bond

    Mirova Global Green bond


    Multithematic offer

    Addressing issues related to employment, social needs and housing, environment and international solidarity through a multithematic offering.






    Our social funds are labellized by Finansol.


    (1) Total outstanding amount of impact investing funds. Source: Finansol 

    (2) Source: Finansol