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Infrastructure’s ethical turn


Philippe Zaouati explains how responsible investing in niche asset classes such as infrastructure could help economic recovery in the long-term.


Eurofideme 2 upwinds in Sweden


Eurofideme 2 partners with Holmen to build a 51 MW wind farm in Sweden...

Don’t bother with SRI! Who’s really responsible?


Philippe Zaouati, head of Mirova, and Carlos Joly, an advisor of Mirova, argue that current approches to responsible investment are critically flawed…


« Mirova’s Insights »: the new research paper


Concerns about Bisphenol A, the aftermath of Sandy and Fukushima, the challenge of harnessing renewable energies and new technology (electric vehicles, shale gas, Arctic oil…)... All these major topics addressed by Mirova’s research focus in the area of sustainable development.

Mirova: combine value creation and sustainable development


Combining value creation and sustainable development: that is the central challenge of Mirova, responsible investment division of Natixis Asset Management.