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>>>« Mirova’s Insights »: the new research paper

« Mirova’s Insights »: the new research paper


Concerns about Bisphenol A, the aftermath of Sandy and Fukushima, the challenge of harnessing renewable energies and new technology (electric vehicles, shale gas, Arctic oil…)...

These major topics addressed by Mirova’s research focus mainly on analysing investment themes with regard to the risks and opportunities identified in the area of sustainable development.
You can now read these studies, articles and analyses on this website and in the research paper "Mirova’s Insights – Sustainable investment research".

/// Mirova’s research in motion!


This wealth of expertise is our internal value added.
We believe it must be shared outside the company so as to engage in dialogue with our clients and partners.
Our goal? To share our convictions and challenge them in a constant process of improvement and innovation.


Hervé Guez,
Head of Responsible investment research - Mirova


Depending on the nature and implications of the different topics addressed, they will be:

- analysed in the form of studies, focuses or interviews,
- and relayed in real time on and to Mirova’s partners.

The research paper will gradually be enhanced with output from all Mirova’s teams.




/// 1st Mirova’s research paper

The first issue of Mirova’s research paper:
-outlines the fundamentals of our research methodology and investment process;
-provides an in-depth study on electric vehicles, one of the new technologies that could change our mobility and driving patterns while reducing the carbon footprint;
-presents our current position on shale gas, a highly topical and controversial issue;
-exposes, from an external view, the challenge facing a finance industry that better takes the general interest into account;
-gives an overview of key events of the last few months that sparked interest or laid the groundwork for a “sustainable” model of civilisation.

  Read the research paper
 "Mirova’s Insights - Sustainable investment research"



This first publication and subsequent ones aim to help
better understand the world around us and the challenges of the future,
while sparking interest in the vision that drives us.

Philippe Zaouati,
Natixis AM’s Deputy CEO and Head of Mirova investment division

We want to think outside the box and offer a new vision of the
investment business. SRI is sometimes seen as a sort of ‘niche’.

We want to make meaningful investments that meet the sustainability
issues we are all facing while continuing to create value for our clients.