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>>>Eurofideme 2 upwinds in Sweden

Eurofideme 2 upwinds in Sweden


Eurofideme 2 partners with Holmen to build a 51 MW wind farm in Sweden.

Eurofideme 2* has created, through its stake in Wotan S.A., a 50/50 joint venture with Holmen, a Swedish forest industry group, to build and operate a 51 MW wind farm in the Stockholm County.

The project, developed by Holmen on its own land in Norrtälje, consists in the construction of 17 Vestas 112-3MW wind turbines with an expected annual production of 165 GWh. Through this project, scheduled to be launched at the end of 2014, Holmen will exploit its excellent opportunities to produce wind power on its own land.

With a total investment of €76 million, the on-shore wind farm is located in the only area declared of national interest in the Stockholm County.

This project is a key milestone to our expansion strategy in Sweden, one of the most attractive markets for wind in Europe, and is a great opportunity for Eurofideme 2 to be co-investing with a high-quality partner like Holmen”, commented Raphaël Lance, Director of Eurofideme 2.


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* Eurofideme 2 is a French FCPR managed by Mirova Environment and Infrastructures (subsidiary of Natixis Asset Management).