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Sharing knowledge and experience

In order to gain a better understanding of global changes in technology, politics, regulations and society, Mirova’s investment teams enhance their approach through various collaborations (long-established relations with corporate management teams, tailor-made research carried out by external brokers, research partnerships, etc.).


In October 2012, Mirova and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) signed a partnership to promote sustainable investment and encourage European and international finance professionals to adopt a more responsible behaviour.

A determination to improve financial practices

The partnership between Mirova and the CISL is based on a determination to improve financial practices so as to meet up to the challenges of sustainable development in social and environmental terms.
This cooperation between academics and investment professionals will make it possible to meet clients’ expectations on how sustainability is taken into account in the asset allocation and stock picking processes.

A partnership on two levels

Active cooperation based on research and joint publications
These reports will cover the analysis of sustainable development challenges: how can taking account of climate change, biodiversity and human rights have an impact on existing business models and encourage new investment ideas?
The reports will be made public so as to foster the adoption of better practices.

Creation of a working group, the Investors Leaders Group
The Investors Leaders Group will be based at CISL and chaired by Philippe Zaouati, deputy chief executive officer of Natixis Asset Management in charge of Mirova. This group, comprised of company managers and financial market specialists, will convene for the first time in 2013.
Their goal will be to work on defining tools and concrete measures to be adopted for the promotion and implementation of responsible investing.

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