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>>>What does Mirova use external SRI agency for?

What does Mirova use external SRI agency for?


Meet ... Hervé Guez, Head of responsible investment research, Mirova

Introduce us to Natixis Asset Management & Mirova.  How do the two entities fit together?

Natixis Asset Management is the armed wing, so to speak, of Natixis’ European investment solutions division with close to 300 billion euros of total assets under management.  In keeping with the multi-affiliate structure of the Group, Natixis Asset Management is organized into six different investment divisions, of which Mirova is the one specializes in responsible investment.
Natixis Asset Management has been a PRI signatory since 2008, and practices responsible investment as an integral part of its CSR policy.  Notably, this translates as the progressive incorporation of ESG criteria in addition to responsible voting and engagement practices.

Mirova’s ambition is to create sustainable value by offering investment solutions across a broad array of asset classes for savers and institutional investors who seek:
• a management style based on performance-oriented fundamental analysis
• where the stakes of sustainable development are part and parcel of the thinking process.
These two distinct yet complimentary approaches call for significant investment in responsible investment research.

How should companies prepare to meet with your analysts?  With French SRI analysts in general?
Our goal is to evaluate the quality of a company’s CSR.
This entails a presentation of:
• the company’s long term strategy and plans for governance (shareholder or partnership model)
• the principal environmental and social issues facing the company at all levels, from the production process to the supply chain, to the end-use of goods or services.
• the means deployed in the aim of improving social and environmental outcomes, as well as the results achieved relative to predefined goals.
I dare hope that these expectations are not specific to Mirova, but that they are instead shared by SRI analysts in general – whether they are French or not.

What do you use external research agencies for? What do you use brokers for? What do you prefer to do in-house?


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