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>>>Mirova's spotlight on the COP 21

Mirova's spotlight on the COP 21


After two weeks’ intense negociations, an agreement on climate that will stand as a future landmark has been successfully signed by the 195 countries involved. The Paris agreement signals clearly and strongly that the  will to shift towards a low-carbon economy is shared by all. The recent involvement of China and the United States along with Europe’s historic engagement have been key factors of success for the COP21.

Finalising this agreement has been made possible partly through the involvement of the private sector, which has shown that it could innovate and provide solutions based on more and more robust economic models capable of addressing these new issues: renewable energies are more and more competitive compared to fossil fuels, mobility solutions are beginning to emerge, the construction sector is aiming at turning into a power supplier, the industrial sector is pursuing its consumption-saving strategy in line with reducing its costs and agriculture is seeking new low-carbon oriented economic models.

These are significant changes and several years will be needed to reverse the increase in emissions. However, the Paris agreement sets a clear target: the future economic model will be fundamentally different compared to that of the last 50 years, which has been driven by fossil fuels and the increase in energy consumption. Investors now seek to take this new order into account. While these changes will not impact companies’ performances immediately, the world of finance is starting to adapt its investment strategies to the transition in progress.

The main announcements from the private sector

The main announcements from the financial sector


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