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>>>Insertion Emplois: investing in solidarity!

Insertion Emplois: investing in solidarity!


Managed by Mirova, Natixis AM’s division dedicated to Responsible Investment, the range of Insertion Emplois mutual funds actively contribute to the funding of social impact projects. Mirova leans on France Active’s experience in projects selection...

/// Connecting finance and the real economy

Nowadays investors increasingly want their investments to serve a socially useful purpose. Connected with the real economy, responsible and solidarity-based investment is being given the scope it deserves.
By contributing to the funding of social impact projects, this form of investment makes it possible to connect value creation and sustainable development issues in a concrete manner",
says Christine Lebreton, head of Euro/Europe Multithematic Equity Management and Impact investing*** of Mirova.

Through the action of the Société d’Investissement France Active, funded in part by the Insertion Emplois mutual funds, 276 companies working in social and solidarity economic area were funded in 2012, allowing the creation or consolidation of 11,911 jobs, including 5,603 for people experiencing difficulties**.


/// The Insertion Emplois range at a glance

The Insertion Emplois range comprises 3 socially responsible and solidarity-based mutual funds that seek to combine financial performance and concrete commitment favouring employment.

From the money market to equity markets, the Insertion Emplois range seeks to reconcile financial performance and concrete solidarity-based ommitments through three funds targeted at different investor profiles:
Insertion Emplois Modéré reflecting a preference for the flexibility of savings via money market and fixed income investments,
Insertion Emplois Équilibre to diversify the investments across all asset classes (money market, bonds and equities),
Insertion Emplois Dynamique to tap the potential performance of equities.


/// Find out more:

- Read the Insertion Emplois 2013 flyer (only available in French)
- Visit the Insertion Emplois mini-sites for private individuals (only available in French):


*Mirova is a brand of Natixis Asset Management [].
**Source: France Active [].
***Impact investing: asset management with a social/environmental impact.