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>>>Mirova and Natixis Asset management are committing for the Arctic

Mirova and Natixis Asset management are committing for the Arctic


Mirova and Natixis Asset Management as well as 17 other international investors representing over €5 trillion in assets under management seek an unlimited moratorium on oil and gas activity in the Arctic high seas.

Mirova, Natixis Asset Management and three other investors, including Erafp, Ircantec and Prefon, lead an investment group in a statement relating to oil and gas exploration in the Arctic featuring 19 international signatories in total including Actiam, Axa Group, Bank J. Safra-Sarasin, BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Boston Common, Church of Sweden, Danske Capital, EdenTree, Friends Fiduciary Corporation, Nei Investments, Pax, Skandia, Trillium and Zevin. The combined assets of these investors total over 5 trillion euros.

This statement is directed to oil and gas companies that have been involved in oil exploration in the Arctic, as well as Arctic Council members. It is an urgent call to protect the Arctic from future oil exploration activities and align national climate change pledges with the future of the region, which hosts significant hydrocarbon resources.

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