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Interview - Finance Watch: One vision, one project

02.11.2012 | Finance/Green Bonds

Interview of Thierry Philipponnat, in charge of Finance Watch’s strategy,advocacy, output and staff of Finance

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From the One Planet Summit to the European Commission's action plan: Main announcements in favour of sustainable finance

02.05.2018 | Finance/Green Bonds

The news from December 2017 to March 2018 was particularly rich in announcements in sustainable finance. This document summarizes the main announcements with a focus on the French government, investors, as well as the European Commission's action plan.

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Liquidity of the Green Bond Market

14.03.2018 | Finance/Green Bonds

The green bond market has undergone rapid expansion over the last five years. Given its still small size compared to the bond market as a whole, investors remain cautious regarding certain features of green bonds, such as the liquidity of the market.

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Expert point of view - Focus on Green Bonds

19.12.2016 | Finance/Green Bonds

Interview of Marc Briand, Head of Fixed income at Mirova & Chris Wigley,Fund Manager at Mirova

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Study - Green Bonds: forging a direct link between projects and financing

30.11.2015 | Finance/Green Bonds

The object of this study is to examine the potential of the green bond market for contributing to financing a low carbon economy.

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