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Arctic Drilling: an update on our engagements

25.01.2018 | Energy Transition/Climate Change | Engagement/Governance

Through its engagement platform, Mirova has carried out extensive dialogue with companies operating in the Arctic to request greater disclosure of financial and operational risks as well as a firm commitment to improve protection of the region. This document summarizes our position on Arctic drilling, our actions and our planned next steps.

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Concept Paper Women Leaders

30.04.2019 | Engagement/Governance

The past 20 years have seen significant progress towards gender equality, together with an increasing awareness that the achievement of gender equality is a prerequisite for sustainable development. Furthermore, the underrepresentation of women in top-level management positions is increasingly perceived not only as a fairness and equality issue but also as a performance issue

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Risking It All - An introduction to Climate Risk and Energy Scenarios

16.04.2019 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

Should we fail to limit temperature rise to 2°C, climate change will wreak havoc and lead to vast costs. Investors that understand the tools for measuring how their assets interact with the climate will be better prepared to manage climate risks, seize opportunities, and create impact. This study examines climate risk and a related tool available to investors: energy scenarios.

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Sustainable Energy - A focus on Utilities

03.09.2018 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

This document is part of a series published by Mirova to illustrate our approach to sustainability sector-by-sector. We aim to address solutions, risks, and how we optimize impact through investment. This eighth paper focuses on environmental, social and governance issues in the Utilities sector.

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Green goes the growth

31.05.2018 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The transition from a carbon-intensive and ecosystem-destroying extractive economy to a green economy has begun. Green growth, which creates environmental value first, will also contribute to the creation of economic and shareholder value.

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