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Sustainable Consumption - Focus on Retail, Apparel and Household

01.06.2018 | Consumption/Health

This document is part of a series published by Mirova to illustrate our approach to sustainability sector-by-sector. We aim to address solutions, risks, and how we optimize impact through investment. This sixth paper focuses on environmental, social and governance issues of retail, apparel and household.

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Green goes the growth

31.05.2018 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The transition from a carbon-intensive and ecosystem-destroying extractive economy to a green economy has begun. Green growth, which creates environmental value first, will also contribute to the creation of economic and shareholder value.

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Sustainable Health - A focus on pharmaceuticals and medical products

07.05.2018 | Consumption/Health

This document is part of a series published by Mirova to illustrate our approach to sustainability sector-by-sector. We aim to address solutions, risks, and how we optimize impact through investment. This fifth paper focuses on environmental, social and governance issues of pharmaceuticals and medical products.

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From the One Planet Summit to the European Commission's action plan: Main announcements in favour of sustainable finance

02.05.2018 | Finance/Green Bonds

The news from December 2017 to March 2018 was particularly rich in announcements in sustainable finance. This document summarizes the main announcements with a focus on the French government, investors, as well as the European Commission's action plan.

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Country Sustainability Analysis


This documents presents Mirova's methodology for country level sustainability analysis.

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Sustainable Energy - A focus on Industrial Equipment

06.04.2018 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

This document is part of a series published by Mirova to illustrate our approach to sustainability sector-by-sector. We aim to address solutions, risks, and how we optimize impact through investment. This fourth paper focuses on environmental, social and governance issues of industrial equipments.

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Controversial Activities


This document presents Mirova's exclusions and approaches on controversial topics.

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Sustainable Mobility - A focus on Vehicle Manufacturers and Suppliers

16.03.2018 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

This document is part of a series published by Mirova to illustrate our approach to sustainability sector-by-sector. We aim to address solutions, risks, and how we optimize impact through investment. This third paper focuses on environmental, social and governance issues of vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.

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Liquidity of the Green Bond Market

14.03.2018 | Finance/Green Bonds

The green bond market has undergone rapid expansion over the last five years. Given its still small size compared to the bond market as a whole, investors remain cautious regarding certain features of green bonds, such as the liquidity of the market.

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Sustainable Technologies - A focus on Software & Communications

21.02.2018 | Research Periodical

This document is part of a series published by Mirova to illustrate our approach to sustainability sector-by-sector. We aim to address solutions, risks, and how we optimize impact through investment. This second paper focuses on environmental, social and governance issues in the Software & Communications industry.

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Sustainable Consumption – A focus on Food & Beverages

30.01.2018 | Consumption/Health

This document is part of a series published by Mirova to illustrate our approach to sustainability sector-by-sector. We aim to address solutions, risks, and how we optimize impact through investment. This first paper focuses on environmental, social and governance issues in the Food & Beverages industry.

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Estimating Portfolio Coherence with Climate Scenarios

26.01.2018 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

We introduce a new method for assessing portfolio coherence with climate scenarios using a database of lifecycle carbon emissions both “induced” and “avoided” at company-level alongside the International Energy Agency’s investment projections. The result is a function of lifecycle emissions intensity and the percentage of investments in carbon-implicated sectors.

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Arctic Drilling: an update on our engagements

25.01.2018 | Energy Transition/Climate Change | Engagement/Governance

Through its engagement platform, Mirova has carried out extensive dialogue with companies operating in the Arctic to request greater disclosure of financial and operational risks as well as a firm commitment to improve protection of the region. This document summarizes our position on Arctic drilling, our actions and our planned next steps.

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2018 Outlook: long may the goldilocks scenario continue!


At the start of 2018, Mirova's experts share their vision on the equity and fixed incomes markets.

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European Broadband Networks: The New Infrastructure Opportunity

18.10.2017 | Infrastructures

Following the dawn of the internet age in the early nineties and the subsequent move to high speed and more secure connections, online technology has become essential to the effective functioning of commerce and society in the EU. What are the key characteristics of broadband projects which lend themselves to the classic infrastructure investment profile? Find out the response and more here.

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Nuclear's Unclear Future

05.10.2017 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

Nuclear power makes up about 9% of global electricity generation, with 443 reactors and 385 GW of capacity in operation today, but debates over its future have been underway for years. From the perspective of a responsible investor, Mirova investigates the realities of this technology versus other power sources within the context of climate change.

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Indices in Hot Water


Indices representative of the World and European economy are carbon-intensive with a climate footprint of +5.4°C for the CAC 40 vs. +4.1°C for the MSCI World and +4.8°C for the Stoxx 600. Climate-aware investment strategies have to go beyond the replication of major indices, as no index is currently in line with the +2°C objective.

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Report Label TEEC Mirova Eurofideme 3 2016

19.09.2017 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The label "TEEC" is a label for energy and sustainability, conceived as part of the public policies defined by the French Energy Transition law of August 2015. This report aims at addressing the label’s requirements on transparency.

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Acting as a Responsible Investor

22.08.2017 | Research Periodical

This report, created in fulfilment of Article 173, is much more than a legal requirement for Mirova. It is an opportunity to demonstrate our practices for investors that have already given us their trust and to introduce ourselves and our approach to future clients.

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LDN Fund - Frequently Asked Questions

01.08.2017 | Natural Resources

Find out more about Mirova's innovative fund project dedicated to sustainable land use, co-promoted with United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD).

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LDN Fund - Environmental & Social Standards

01.08.2017 | Natural Resources

The LDN Fund has developed an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) that strives to meet international best practices while also attracting investment from the private and public sectors. This framework builds on the successful implementation of management systems developed for investment portfolios similar to the LDN Fund.

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Trump's Decision: an Opportunity for the Climate!

02.06.2017 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The President of the United States of America has decided to honor one of his campaign promises by committing to exit the Paris Climate Agreement. This decision is an affront to humanity, American citizens foremost, making no sense from a historical perspective and an economic error. Paradoxically, we see in this announcement an opportunity to accelerate the transition to a low carbon economy.

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Study - Breaking good

23.05.2017 | Natural Resources

The chemical industry is often presented as a source of strong sustainability risks, with high environmental negative impacts and toxicity issues. However, this industry is also a great source of solutions for sustainability challenges, that can have significant impact on anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutant. As such, it deserves a place in a responsible investment strategy.

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Mirova Sustainability Infrastructure Policy

25.04.2017 | Infrastructures

In line with its responsible investor philosophy, Mirova is committed to steering financing towards responsible projects offering sustainable solutions. In the pursuit of consistently applying this philosophy to all asset classes, this document is intended as a framework to ensure the relevance of each infrastructure investment decision.

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Expert point of view - Focus on Green Bonds

19.12.2016 | Finance/Green Bonds

Interview of Marc Briand, Head of Fixed income at Mirova & Chris Wigley,Fund Manager at Mirova

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What do Trump's policies mean for energy and the climate?

23.11.2016 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

President-elect Donald Trump’s energy policies mark a profound departure from those of his predecessor. A vocal climate change skeptic, he vows to reduce regulations which limit the production and use of fossil fuels, re-initiate Keystone XL, and if possible, exit the Paris Agreement.

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Focus - The promising message of Theresa May on corporate governance

27.10.2016 | Engagement/Governance

Since her appointment as Prime Minister, Theresa May has made multiple statements on corporate governance and had already announced several reform commitments on executive remuneration issues. The purpose of this paper is to analyze her proposals to better understand strengths and limitations of existing speeches on executive compensation.

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Mirova Engagement and Governance

Focus - Implementing and financing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

07.09.2016 | Engagement/Governance

Today, responsible investing has to go beyond awareness. It must also consider the role the financial system should play in financing our economies. The legitimacy of the SDGs should pave the road for investors who are ready to commit to sustainable impact investing. Mirova has identified three levers allowing investors and regulators to facilitate this development.

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FOCUS - When renewable energy met sustainable growth

04.08.2016 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

Hitorically and famously fossil-fuel dependent, the U.S. energy and electricity mixes are evolving quickly as costs fall for renewables, regulations mandate their implementation, and fiscal policy incentivizes their installation. Overall, a progressive lowering of traditional barriers is leading to the potential for continued growth in solar and wind power throughout the U.S.

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Study - Unlocking the market for LDN

06.06.2016 | Natural Resources

The objective of this study is to shed light on the main characteristics and dynamics of the emerging market related to Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN).

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Focus - Divestment, reinvestment: what role for institutional investors?

03.06.2016 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

It has become abundantly clear that the financial system has an essential role to play in the transition toward a low carbon economy.In the midst of this context, a debate is raging over what position institutional investors ought to adopt. Can they continue to support the fossil fuel industries? Should they massively redirect their capital into financing a low carbon economy?

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Focus - COP 21,The Force Awakens

18.12.2015 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

After four years of hard work, the COP21 has culminated in a climate agreement that was accepted by 195 countries. This agreement is the first to involve all world economies in the fight against climate change. Beyond the pledges made by the governments, the COP 21 also aimed to highlight solutions that are backed by the private sector.

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The Carbon Impact of Investments in Mirova Equity

01.12.2015 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

Mirova is publishing the first measurement of its equity portfolios’ carbon impact. They total € 2.8 billion and 47% of its assets under management, in accordance with the commitments made as part of the Montreal Carbon Pledge and the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition.

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Study - Measure: A Carbon impact methodology in line with a 2 degree scenario

30.11.2015 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

Current methods of carbon footprint measurement are not adequate to determine an investment portfolio’s contribution to the issues of energy transition. Following this observation, Mirova and Carbone 4 decided to create a partnership dedicated to developing a new methodology capable of providing a carbon measurement that is aligned with these issues: Carbon Impact Analytics (CIA).

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Study - Green Bonds: forging a direct link between projects and financing

30.11.2015 | Finance/Green Bonds

The object of this study is to examine the potential of the green bond market for contributing to financing a low carbon economy.

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Study - ENGAGE: The financial sector’s levers for promoting a low carbon economy

30.11.2015 | Engagement/Governance

What levers are at the disposal of institutional investors to help make the transition to a low carbon economy a reality? The present study examines the question within the context of a new collaborative engagement undertaken by Mirova, as part of its commitment to fully play its role as a responsible investor and act to promote the development of a new, low-carbon economy.

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Study - INFRASTRUCTURE: Renewable Energy Funds, A 100% low carbon allocation

30.11.2015 | Infrastructures

The object of this study is to examine the potential of the infrastructure markets for contributing to financing a low carbon economy.

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Study - LISTED EQUITIES: Thematic investing for impact

30.11.2015 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The object of this study is to examine the potential of the equities markets for contributing to financing a low carbon economy.

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Study - What technologies can build a low carbon economy?

30.11.2015 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

This study, conducted by Mirova’s team of Responsible Investment Research analysts, covers the main issues and challenges of the technological transformations underwau to enable the transition to a low carbon economy.

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MIROVA INSIGHTS - Research review - #4 Special issue COP21

02.11.2015 | Research Periodical

This study analyses the challenges climate change poses to our societies from three points of view: understanding, action and accountability. Its details our comprehension of the issues raised by climate change, an overview of the investment solutions that we have identified, as well as the tools at our disposal to provide accountability for our actions and measure their impact.

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Study - FOOD SECURITY Closing the food gap: opportunities for investment? (Full)

04.09.2015 | Natural Resources

Full-length version of our study which focuses on the topic of food security, and more specifically looks at business solutions to closing the ‘food gap’ while increasing agricultural sustainability. This second piece of research (available on is part of a series created in partnership with Cambridge University's Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL).

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Focus - Innovations for sustainable building

03.09.2015 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

With an increasing focus on carbon emissions and a progressive strengthening of regulatory constraints in the building sector, the environmental impact of construction materials is becoming a major concern.What are the investment opportunities that these trends present today?

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Focus - Reflections and principles for a responsible voting policy

17.04.2015 | Engagement/Governance

What is our conception of private enterprise and which good governance principles can we derive from it? How do we consider our role as an investor and which kind of ethical choices guide our investment decisions? These questions are interrelated and only after answering them can we define a voting policy.

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Study - FOOD SECURITY Closing the food gap: opportunities for investment? - Executive summary

17.03.2015 | Natural Resources

Main findings of our last study which focuses on the topic of food security, and more specifically looks at business solutions to closing the ‘food gap’ while increasing agricultural sustainability. This second piece of research (available on is part of a series created in partnership with Cambridge University's Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) on topics that present investment opportunities with the potential to meaningfully affect key issues of sustainability, whether social, environmental or economic.

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Exercise of Voting Rights Report 2014

30.01.2015 | Engagement/Governance

In compliance with Article 314-101 of the AMF’s General Regulations, Mirova drafted the ‘Voting Rights Report’ document in order to disclose the exercise of voting rights associated with the securities held in the UCITS/AIF1 that it manages.

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MIROVA INSIGHTS - Research review - #3

20.10.2014 | Research Periodical

Read MIROVA INSIGHTS, Mirova's third research review gathering studies, research papers and analyses from the responsible investment research team.

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Study - Green and social bonds: what’s at stake for investors?

07.10.2014 | Finance/Green Bonds

As the market for green and social bonds takes off, attracting ever more attention from the financial community and from agents engaged in promoting the development of a more sustainable economy, we intend to revisit some larger questions that this market raises. How far along have we come in the market’s development? What controversies does it provoke? What is valuable about this market and how should we be thinking about its future development?

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Study - Shareholder engagement in Europe: a review

24.09.2014 | Engagement/Governance

While they cannot be called new, various forms of shareholder engagement have independently been taking shape in different areas of the world. Today, this issue is gaining ground: investors seem to be taking a stand more often and, what is new, regulatory measures have increased. The purpose of this study is to provide an overview of the issues, actors and current trends affecting shareholder engagement in Europe and the United States that explains the objective basis for Mirova’s choices within its own engagement policy.

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Study - Game of drones: do civilian applications harbour opportunities for sustainable development?

02.09.2014 | Consumption/Health

Multipurpose, efficient and inexpensive, drones have met with considerable success in the civilian realm, both among the general public (leisure drones) and as an alternative technology or source of innovative solutions in a professional context. The development of this market has been fostered by a large number of actors and an ever widening array of applications which should continue to multiply as regulatory mechanisms are established in countries across the globe.

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Study - Financing the energy transition

17.07.2014 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

In answer to the challenges of climate change and reducing greenhouse gasses, the two following sectors will be the object of substantial investment as we move forward: - Low carbon energy: the most recent IPCC report estimates at $147bn the annual increase of investments in low carbon technologies, particularly renewables between now and 2035. - Energy efficiency: the IPPC anticipates that investments in improving energy efficiency in building, transport and industry will grow by $336bn annually over the same period.

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Focus - RMG: the road to progress

11.07.2014 | Engagement/Governance | Consumption/Health

After the Rana Plaza collapse in April 2013, many people were hoping that it would serve as a catalyst to stir change in the textile industry. As such, a group of concerned investors organized a trip to Bangladesh to find out more information on the ground on what has happened since. While the messages given to us were at times mixed, one clear message was that progress was indeed being made – slowly but surely.

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Focus - The debate on risky oil assets bubbles up

12.06.2014 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The oil and gas sector is undergoing profound changes: rising costs and increasingly challenging operational conditions leave little room for doubt that the era of easy oil is over. As major oil companies are increasingly forced to explore unconventional frontier reserves, investors’ concern over the riskiness of these investments, especially vis-à-vis potential carbon regulation and the uptake of alternative technologies, is putting the sector under unprecedented pressure to demonstrate a capability to find a sustainable mode of operation.

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Focus - 2014-2020: a new era for LED lighting?

29.04.2014 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

With the expected reduction in production costs and growing environmental concerns, the LED lighting market is set for a promising growth in the years to come.

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Study - Engagement: Social Issues in the Supply Chain

09.04.2014 | Engagement/Governance | Consumption/Health

Here, we look at working conditions in the supply chain from the standpoint of responsible investment. Working back from the analysis of supply chain risks, we attempt to define areas for improvement that take into account the specificities of each sector and company, and thereby encourage progress among the groups we invest in.

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Interview - The Social Progress Index: a new tool for both policymakers and investors

01.04.2014 | Finance/Green Bonds

Interview of Michael Green, economist and writer based in London. He is the CEO of the Social Progress Imperative, a US-based non-profit organisation.

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Focus: Coal is history. Or is it?


Given pollution spikes in China that have earned the name 'airpocalypses,' and increasingly restrictive legislation both in Europe and the US, coal's growth appears set to wind down. But the sheer magnitude of coal reserves is nothing to sneeze at and means this fuel will remain a threat.

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Focus - SRI bond funds are set to sail on the rising tide of Green and Social bonds

13.02.2014 | Finance/Green Bonds

Sustainable debt securities experienced spectacular growth in 2013. As the vehicles of highly specific social or environmental benefits, these financial instruments have proven seductive for socially responsible investors, as demonstrated by the increasing numbers of issues. Initiatives aimed at providing a framework are now underway in order to consolidate this expansion and support further development.

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Study - A closer look at palm oil

06.02.2014 | Natural Resources

What exactly are the environmental and social impacts associated with producing and consuming palm oil? And what conclusions can we draw regarding investment in companies that participate in this value chain?

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Study - Executive compensation: a comparative study of practices and regulations

06.02.2014 | Engagement/Governance

The remuneration issue is a recurrent topic of concern for shareholders, as well as in broader societal debates. Trends in remuneration provide a good indication of how the value created by a company is distributed among stakeholders. In terms of engagement, compensation is one of the principal points of leverage by which investors can encourage the emergence of a sustainable economy compatible with the social environmental issues facing the 21st century.

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MIROVA INSIGHTS - Research review - #2

06.02.2014 | Research Periodical

Read MIROVA INSIGHTS, Mirova's second research review gathering studies, research papers and analyses from the responsible investment research team.

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Study - Offshore oil in the Arctic: should investments be frozen?

06.02.2014 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

Arctic offshore projects provide major technological challenges for the industry and will continue to do so. Being able to boast of technological success is not a sufficient indication of the industry’s ability to respond to the challenges of future projects, situated in the ‘extreme’ Arctic, where the operational risk profiles are higher.

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Focus - Restricting industrial trans fats: one step closer to a healthier diet?

03.02.2014 | Consumption/Health

The American agency responsible for promoting human health and food safety, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), recently moved one step closer to banning trans fats in processed food products. This decision is in keeping with increasing awareness worldwide of the relationship between diet and health.

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Vehicle lightweighting: a potential solution for sustainable mobility

17.12.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

This study focuses on the topic of mobility, and more specifically,the lightweighting of passenger vehicles, currently a key theme in the transport sector.

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Infrastructure projects in an ERA of SRI

18.11.2013 | Infrastructures

Mirova seeks to participate in the real economy by promoting investment in projects offering significant social and environmental benefits. So, Mirova has developed a new methodology for social and environmental analysis of Infrastructure projects.

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Focus - Towards a +4°C world?

29.08.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The most recent publications suggest that a long-term temperature rise of +4°C is becoming increasingly likely. If this were to be the case, it would lead to a whole series of natural disasters...

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Focus - Horsemeat: Yay or Neigh?

29.07.2013 | Consumption/Health

The recent horsemeat scandal has highlighted how the integrity of today’s food supply chain can easily be broken down. Due to the mislabelling, consumers have lost trust in the industry in assuring the quality and transparency of their food.

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Focus - The AFEP-MEDEF: a long awaited reform?

24.07.2013 | Engagement/Governance

Can we talk about a “spring of corporate governance” in France? Difficult to say. An abandoned draft law, a report on responsibility and company performance, and a revised version of the AFEP-MEDEF Code. Mirova aims to find out and identify the work still to be done.

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OVERVIEW - Climate Change Scenarios - Implications for Strategic Asset Allocation – Mercer - 2011

11.07.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

A Mercer study on the implications of climate change on traditional management schemes.

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Focus - Cheap clothing – at what cost?

04.07.2013 | Consumption/Health

On the morning of 24 April 2013, Rana Plaza building, home to five garment factories collapsed in Bangladesh. This has prompted people to question how to bring about change in the textile industry’s global supply chain, and which players should be responsible for initiating such change?

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MIROVA INSIGHTS - Research review - #1

01.07.2013 | Research Periodical

Read MIROVA INSIGHTS, Mirova's research review gathering studies, research papers and analysis from the responsible investment research team.

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Focus - What regulation for proxys advisors?

19.06.2013 | Engagement/Governance

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has produced a report on the regulation of the activity of proxy advisors. What are the main findings?

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Focus - Foxconn labour union elections: a wind of change?

13.06.2013 | Consumption/Health

Foxconn, the largest private employer in China announced its intention to hold elections for independent labour union representatives in its Chinese factories. A real change?

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Focus - Climate Wars, Episode II - Return of the President

05.06.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

Since his re-election, Barack Obama has multiplied his statements in favour of reinforced action on behalf of the United States in the fight against climate change. What consequences?

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Focus - Flaring: a stain on the American energetic nightscape

05.06.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The practice of flaring undermines the credibility of environmental action in the Obama administration. What is flaring? What are the environmental implications?

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Study - Shale gas and unconventional gas: new resources, new challenges

28.02.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

What social and environmental consequences arising from the use of alternatives to traditional energy resources such as shale gas?

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Focus - What can be learned from the Kay Review?

27.02.2013 | Engagement/Governance

Kay Review is a report on the short-termism seen in the English markets and the dysfunctional nature of Agency relationships within the investment chain. What are the main conclusions of this report ?

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Focus - The US Drought of summer 2012 and its implications

25.02.2013 | Natural Resources

Despite the major drought in the U.S. in 2012, US farmers have registered record profits for 2012, partly due to agricultural insurance indemnities. What are the implications?

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Focus - The Integrated Reporting Initiative

25.02.2013 | Engagement/Governance

The International Integrated reporting Council (IIRC) launched a structuring initiative in order to respond to investors' need for adequate information to allow them to make responsible investment choices. What lessons?

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Focus - The Dodd-Frank Act and social corporate responsibility

25.02.2013 | Engagement/Governance

What are the implications of the Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act on the social corporate responsibility?

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Focus - The Arctic: The new El Dorado oil field?

25.02.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

Recognized as an oil region for decades, can we pretend that the arctic is a new Eldorado oil field?

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Focus - Sandy, a messenger for global warming?

25.02.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

Back to Hurricane Sandy and to sensitivity of economies to climatic vagaries.

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Focus - France’s version of “Say on Pay”

25.02.2013 | Engagement/Governance

Is that the Say on Pay (practice of allowing shareholders to vote on the fixed and variable remuneration of directors) will be introduced in the next law project in France?

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Focus - Bisphenol A: Towards an increasing regulatory framework

25.02.2013 | Consumption/Health

On the 13th December 2012, the French Senate definitively adopted a law aiming to remove bisphenol A from all food containers. What is bisphenol A? Where is it used? What regulations are in place?

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Focus - After Fukushima

25.02.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The Fukushima nuclear accident has reignited the debate on nuclear power in Japan. What are the implications?

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Study - Electric vehicle: really on track?

13.02.2013 | Energy Transition/Climate Change

The electric vehicle meets the challenges of sustainable mobility. How? What are the barriers to development?

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Interview - Finance Watch: One vision, one project

02.11.2012 | Finance/Green Bonds

Interview of Thierry Philipponnat, in charge of Finance Watch’s strategy,advocacy, output and staff of Finance

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