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>>>General Infrastructure Team

General Infrastructure Team


The team dedicated to general infrastructures is made up of some 20 experts with experience in structuration, financing, development and active management of infrastructure projects, covering all the infrastructure sectors in Europe.

An experienced  investment  team


  • Experienced in development and active management of “greenfield” and “brownfield” infrastructure projects, resulting from the active management of over 40 participations in project companies within the portfolio, representing more than 6 billion euros in investments.

  • Expertise in the financial and contractual structuring of projects: the team has analysed more than 250 projects since the creation of the first FIDEPPP Fund.

  • High added value in project implementation: the management team provides expertise in structuring and managing investment projects in order to maximize offers compared to specifications.

  • The team members are recognized as infrastructure specialists in the marketplace.

  • Environmental and social analysis tailored to renewables projects, with input from Mirova’s ESG-focused research team, made up of a dozen experts.


Source: Mirova 31/03/2018

  • Gwenola Chambon
    Head of General Infrastructure Funds
  • Steve Ledoux
    Investment Director
  • Mounir Corm
    Deputy Head of General Infrastructure Funds
  • Romain Uthurriague
    Investment Director
  • Vincent Cassagne
    Investment Director
  • Aveen Ghurbhurn
    Investment Director
  • Maria Munina
    Investment Director
  • Christelle Destors Lepoutre
    Senior Investment Manager
  • Fabrice Garus
    Investment Director
  • Adeline Morin
    Investment Director
  • Simon Reyburn
    Investment Manager
  • Celine Hirth
    Investment Manager
  • Olivier Ta
    Investment Manager
  • Ramon Parra
    Investment Director
  • Pierre-Gilles Diat
    Investment Manager
  • Guillaume Faroux
    Head of BTP Impact Local
  • Marine Cuny
    Investment Manager
  • Marjolaine Lopes
    Investment Manager
  • Zoe Jeanroy-Broz
    Investment Manager
  • Maxime Buisson
    Senior Asset Manager